Not so green……by @parliamentview

Changes to Vehicle Excise Duty for new cars from April 2017 has thrown up some anomalies. Only ZERO emissions cars will continue to be free of road tax…..unless they cost over £40,000. Tesla Model S 60kwh Price £58,335 Emissions 0g/km 2016 – First year VED – £0 – ongoing VED (Standard Rate) £0 2017 – First year VED =- £0 – ongoing VED (Standard Rate) … Continue reading Not so green……by @parliamentview

So what has Jeremy Corbyn done wrong? by @parliamentview

What if anything has Jeremy Corbyn done wrong as Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition? Decreased Party Membership? No It’s shot up from 187,000 the day before the 2015 General Election to over 500,000 now (60,000 of those coming post Brexit vote) Lost council seats in 2016? Yes 18…but the Tories lost 48 Lost councils in 2016? No…..but the Tories lost 1 Lost Direct Mayors? … Continue reading So what has Jeremy Corbyn done wrong? by @parliamentview

The Cost of Brexit…….by @parliamentview

As we disentangle ourselves from the EU, I aim to highlight many of the changes we’ll see. As someone who voted Remain, you’ll understand it’s up to others to find any real good that’ll come from it!…….. BENEFITS for EU nationals The 2015 Manifesto said “Changes to welfare to cut EU migration will be an absolute requirement in the renegotiation” Damian Green on BBC Daily … Continue reading The Cost of Brexit…….by @parliamentview

A list of U-Turns by the Conservative Government 2015 to date…..

A LIST OF U-TURNS BY THE CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT 2015 TO DATE….. TTIP exclusion for the NHS – 19th May 2016 – Rural Broadband – 10th May 2016 – Forced Academisation – 6th May 2016 – Housing Bill – 3rd May 2016 – Union Bill – e-voting – 26th April 2016 – Court Charges – 3rd Dec 2015 – Tax Credits – 26th November 2015 – … Continue reading A list of U-Turns by the Conservative Government 2015 to date…..

Tory Election Expenses……

  UPDATE: New Statesman article on the files passed to the CPS by 12 police forces in March 2017 Channel Four – Election Expenses Exposed Brilliantly put together dossier on the overspending, where a lot of hotel costs, in particular, were not included! From the Daily Mirror…… Busted: The 24 Tories and how they ‘broke General Election spending rules’ The Tories seem … Continue reading Tory Election Expenses……

Achievements of the Labour Government 1997-2010

1. Longest period of sustained low inflation since the 60s. 2. Low mortgage rates. 3. Introduced the National Minimum Wage. 4. Over 14,000 more police in England and Wales. 5. Cut overall crime by 32 per cent. 6. Record levels of literacy and numeracy in schools. 7. Young people achieving some of the best ever results at 14, 16, and 18. 8. Funding for every … Continue reading Achievements of the Labour Government 1997-2010

The Long Term Pain…..

Financially the Long Term Economic Plan isn’t working. BORROWING WORSE THAN FORECAST Government borrowing figures were worse than expected in November 2015, casting doubts over whether the chancellor will meet forecasts for 2015/16. Borrowing for the month was £14.2bn, up by £1.3bn compared with November 2014. The ONS said total public sector debt had risen to £1,536.4bn, equivalent to 80.5% of the UK’s annual economic output. … Continue reading The Long Term Pain…..