Poem: The Trench…..

The Trench I was just not much more than a boy, Though Twenty Five, Knee deep in wet earth, But still alive. Men around me, Barely much older, This war so unfair, And nights getting colder. Mama said goodbye, The parting a wrench, She would never suffer, Sight of blood and the stench Gunpowder in the air, Noise it won’t stop, Bodies everywhere, I see … Continue reading Poem: The Trench…..

How Many Days……….

How Many Days, Until the next election, How many days, Until Cameron’s ejection He’s brought us misery, Poor at the foodbank, The hungry, the needy, Him, they won’t thank Debate in the house, Thought we’d hear Duncan Smith, We got the ex-reporter, IDS, just popping out for a jiff Your heating costs more, No energy freeze from the toff, Put on a jumper, The Etonians … Continue reading How Many Days……….

FabVab – A poem to celebrate the work of Victoria Brownworth

Background to this post…… Victoria Brownworth is a journalist, writer, activist and editor based in Philadelphia. She’s published more than 20 books as both author and editor, has been anthologized in over 100 books and received numerous literary and journalism awards inc a Pulitzer Prize nomination. A former full-time investigative reporter (currently doing only occasional investigative reporting due to progressive illness) for a series of … Continue reading FabVab – A poem to celebrate the work of Victoria Brownworth