Tory Incompetence on the Economy…by @parliamentview


A blog post to highlight the many aspects of bad Tory handling of the economy, using a collection of articles covering wage growth, credit ratings, budget mistakes and banks exodus.

Clearing the Deficit – Back in 2010, George Osborne said it would be cleared by 2015. Then 2017, 2020 and now 2025. 10 yrs after the Chancellor said it would!

Household Savings – Households are saving at the lowest level since the 1960’s – Click Here

AAA Credit Rating – 3 rating agencies have lowered the UK rate since 2016 and one also did it in 2013 – Click Here

Wage Growth – UK households at breaking point – Click Here

Borrowing – The Tories have borrowed more in 7 yrs, than Labour have in all their years in power since 1945! From 2018 to 2022 borrowing is set to be much higher than expected – Click Here

Banks leaving – Many banks talking of jobs exodus – Click Here

Gender Pay Gap – Reducing slower under the Conservatives than Labour – Source: C4 Factcheck – 26 May 2017. It’s widening for women in their 20’s – Click Here

The Magic Money Tree – May and Hammond found a BILLION pounds for a bung to the DUP to prop up her weakened government.

The GLOBAL financial crisis – Many times you’ll hear the Conservatives blame Labour for the 2008 financial crisis – it wasn’t their fault. It started in the US, with the collapse of the sub prime mortgage market. Many experts have confirmed it wasn’t Labour’s fault too, including the former Governor of the Bank of England and…..George Osborne himself! Click Here

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