Buffoon Boris……by @parliamentview

Some people believe “entertaining” Boris could be the next Tory PM. God help us!…..

21st June 2017 – ‘Car crash’ interview – Click Here

17th Sept 2017 – He’s “back seat driving” on Brexit, says his colleague Amber Rudd! – Click Here

18th Sept 2017 – £350m – “The misuse of official figures” ……

Click Here



17th May 2017 – Boris offends Sikh woman

Boris Johnson has said sorry to a woman unhappy with a remark made during an election campaign visit to a Sikh Gurdwara in Bristol.

The foreign secretary promised his audience that a future Conservative government would increase free trade and end tariffs on India’s imports of British whisky.

But a Sikh woman said it was “absolutely outrageous” for Mr Johnson – whose mother-in-law is Sikh – to try to promote alcohol inside a place of worship.

Click Here


Brexit – One minute he’s wanting to be IN the Single Market, next it’s OUT!

2013 – IN – Click Here

29th June 2016 – IN – (The Sun – see below)

16th Sept 2017 – OUT – Click Here (Guardian)


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