The 2017 Conservative Party Manifesto Lies and Broken Promises by @parliamentview


(Look elsewhere in my blog for my post: ‘The 2015 Conservative Party Manifesto Lies and Broken Promises’)

This post is a work in progress, I’ll add to it as May drops her plans!

Let’s see how many manifesto pledges get dropped or changed by the next election…..


Dementia Tax – Not mentioned in the Queen’s Speech – Click Here

Overturning Fox hunting ban – Scrapped – Click Here

Dropping Universal Free School Meals – Scrapped – Click Here

U Turn on Grammar Schools

Justine Greening has confirmed the plan to open a new generation of grammar schools is dead.

The Education Secretary slipped out the announcement in a written answer on the 27th June 2017, dodging the opportunity to confirm the policy change in the Commons chamber.

 Click Here

***So the above four, all dropped by the 4th July 2017. Barely a month since the General Election!***

Energy Price Cap – In the manifesto, but on 1st August 2017, British Gas announce a 12.5% rise in Electricity charge. A promise not so much as broken, but failed before it happens. If it happens. This rise is probably the biggest one customers will face in the lifetime of this parliament. Click Here

The government’s position on the energy cap appears to have softened too, and may just target the customer’s on the poorest value tariff – Click Here


Free TV Licence for over 75’s – Could be scrapped in 2020 – Click here

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