Theresa May Lies and Spin at PMQ’s….by @parliamentview

18th October 2017

Talking about the financial crisis of 2008, she said”….Labour’s great recession”

Time and again this has been proven to be not of Labour’s making…

George OsborneClick Here

Mervyn King (Ex Governor of The Bank Of England) said so – Click Here


5th July 2017

PM: “There are about 600,000 nurses registered in the United Kingdom; about half of them—300,000—work in the NHS in England. Contrary to what he says, we have 13,000 more nurses working in the NHS today compared with 2010. 

The King’s Fund said on 19th May 2017: The number of nursing staff has increased by 1.8 per cent from 281,064 FTEs in 2010 to 286,020 FTEs in 2017*. Nursing numbers fell between 2011 and 2013, but have increased each year since then, although the rate of growth has slowed over the past two years. The increase in nursing numbers reflects the NHS response to various reports on the quality of patient care. Despite this increase, there is a shortage of nurses in the NHS. Health Education England has estimated a shortfall in nursing staff of approximately 8.9 per cent as of March 2015, and has projected that this could rise to 11.4 per cent by 2020.  Source: Click Here

*Increase is 4,956 not 13,000!

Furthermore, Tory MP David Lidington said on 12th Jan 2017 “Look at the figures. There are now 11,500 more doctors than there were in 2010, nearly 5,000 more nurses and midwives”


28th June 2017

In response to the disastrous fire at Grenfell Tower in London, Theresa May stated…..

PM:“The cladding of tower blocks did not start under this Government. It did not start under the previous coalition Government. The cladding of tower blocks began under the Blair Government”

It didn’t.

13 years before Blair…..

A BBC documentary in 1984 entitled ‘The Great British Housing Disaster’ drew attention to cladding as a method of rejuvenating social housing…..



26th April 2017

PM: “Only yesterday, we saw that we had finally emerged from Labour’s economic crash”

Except the economic crash of late 2008, was a GLOBAL crash which started in the US, due to a collapse in the sub prime mortgage market. There is widespread comment that Labour did not cause the crash. There is also evidence that Labour were running the economy well before the crash.

From The Guardian 18th May 2015: “If it were true that Labour incompetence had caused the global financial crisis, the party would not deserve to govern. But the facts do not support that.

In 2009 the International Monetary Fund published estimates of the country of origin of the bad debts that were floating around global financial markets that eventually caused the banks to seize up. The value of these “toxic assets” that originated in the US was $3.1tn, compared to $900bn in the whole of the Europe and Asia combined. This was not a problem that was primarily created in the UK; it arose from financial deregulation in the US – so much so that the outgoing boss of the US banking regulator admitted that he’d learned from the crisis that banks could not be trusted to regulate themselves.

Even if our financial sector had been markedly different, we still would have been hit. Germany, for example, has a banking sector less than half the size of ours and had a deeper recession. And remember, the US followed us in implementing measures to control the crisis. The lesson to be learned? Financial regulation matters. Yet going into the crisis the Tories were pushing us to deregulate further. I know: I was the banking minister at the time.

Labour also needs to be clear that spending in the run-up to the recession was not profligate. Of course it could have been lower: we were running a budget deficit of around 3% at the time. But we’d run surpluses in previous years, and we had commitments in the 2008 budget to bring the deficit down, in an environment where the consensus was that the economy would keep growing. But let’s be clear: even if we had run a surplus in those years, it would not have made a marked difference to the financial tsunami that then hit the UK and other countries. The effect of the financial crisis was far greater than the effect of the deficit”

At the same PMQ’s….

“Let me just say to the right hon. Gentleman that our national health service is now treating more patients than ever before” – Due to increased population perhaps?

“Every vote for him is a vote for a coalition of chaos, a weak leader propped up by the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish nationalists” – Who is now propping up Theresa? The DUP!



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