Theresa May Negotiates???….by @parliamentview

One of the big cons of the 2017 General Election was the impression that Theresa May would be involved in Brexit negotiations. Remember the election campaign was all me, me, me as far as May was concerned. This blog post aims to highlight, over the next two years, where Theresa May actually does any negotiating!

From The Times – 3rd May 2017…..

Theresa May will be barred from negotiating the terms of Brexit with her fellow European Union leaders, senior figures in Brussels have warned.

In a sign of an increasingly hardline approach, the prime minister will be prevented from joining discussions at future EU heads of state meetings, she has been told. The only person with whom she can sit down for talks is the European Commission’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.

The EU leaders’ position contradicts Mrs May’s insistence during a campaign speech last week that she would personally negotiate Brexit with the “prime ministers, presidents and chancellors of Europe”.


There are 3 strands to the talks…..

Determining the value of our  exit ‘bill’

Citizens Rights/Status of EU nationals

Other withdrawal issues


A separate continuing dialogue will discuss the Northern Ireland/Ireland border, which may take up to March 2019 to complete.

Discussions between David Davis and Michel Barnier will take place for one week in every month until Oct 2017


July 17th 2017 – NO. Even David Davis didn’t stay much past the press call, the BBC reports. They say officials were left to do the negotiating. Why did he go.

Back in London the same day! Click Here

June 19th 2017 – NO. SoS for Exiting the EU David Davis goes, to begin talks. Terms of reference discussed.


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