Theresa May Lies and Spin at PMQ’s….by @parliamentview

5th July 2017 PM: “There are about 600,000 nurses registered in the United Kingdom; about half of them—300,000—work in the NHS in England. Contrary to what he says, we have 13,000 more nurses working in the NHS today compared with 2010.  The King’s Fund said on 19th May 2017: The number of nursing staff has increased by 1.8 per cent from 281,064 FTEs in 2010 to … Continue reading Theresa May Lies and Spin at PMQ’s….by @parliamentview

The Queen’s Speech 2017

The Queen’s Speech 2017 From the BBC website 21/06/17 Brexit   Repeal Bill This measure will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and convert EU law into UK law The UK Parliament (and where appropriate, the devolved legislatures) will be free to make any future changes to its laws Customs Bill The bill will ensure: the UK has a standalone UK customs regime on exit … Continue reading The Queen’s Speech 2017

The Brexit Talks….by @parliamentview

One of the big cons of the 2017 General Election was the impression that Theresa May would be involved in Brexit negotiations. Remember the election campaign was all me, me, me as far as May was concerned. This blog post aims to highlight, over the next two years, the progress made in these talks, and whether she is ever at the table. From The Times … Continue reading The Brexit Talks….by @parliamentview