The 2017 Conservative Manifesto – The Lowlights… @parliamentview

The 2017 Tory manifesto is badly laid out. Clearly rushed, though they would have had enough time to bullet point it a bit! Here’s the worst of it…….

Scrapping Free School Meals for infants –

Scrapping the Triple Lock

Scrapping the Tax Lock – David Cameron’s tax “triple lock”, which guaranteed there would be no rise in national insurance, VAT or income tax, will be scrapped in favour of a general statement of intent to lower tax and simplify the tax system. There will be no increase in the level of VAT. Source: Telegraph 18th May 2017

The manifesto clearly opens the way for future rises in both income tax rates and national insurance at a future budget. The pledge not to increase the level of VAT does not rule out extending its scope to other goods and services. Source: Guardian 18th May 2017

Scrapping the Hunting Ban –

Scrapping the 2015 Manifesto promise of a social care cap – Instead she has cut the middle classes – defined as anyone who owns a home worth more than £100,000 (which will be most home owners) – adrift from state help


Winter Fuel Allowance will be means tested to pay towards social care


No mention of the Rail Fare Cap – has it been scrapped?

Immigration – To get it down to the tens of thousands….3rd time lucky……

A thought……

Imagine being a Tory activist excited about the above and trying to sell it on the doorstep!


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