Conservatives – A series of gaffes!…….by @parliamentview

In the 2017 General Election campaign, Labour’s Dianne Abbott was asked about the cost of employing extra police officers. She got the figure wrong before being corrected, though it would appear she said £300,000 instead of 300 million.

Of course the Tory press rounded on her, but it didn’t take long before their lot committed a series of gaffes…..

Amber Rudd: “To hisses in the audience, Ms Rudd suggested average police earnings are about £40,000 a year” Click Here


Boris Johnson: The foreign secretary promised his audience that a future Conservative government would increase free trade and end tariffs on India’s imports of British whisky. But a Sikh woman said it was “absolutely outrageous” for Mr Johnson – whose mother-in-law is Sikh – to try to promote alcohol inside a place of worship. Click HereDADg8wLXcAAY6Bo

Philip Hammond: Gets cost of HS2 wrong – Click HereDADH1cEWAAEkEXI

Michael Gove: On LBC 18th May – Asked about what the current skills charge is he answers “I think £2000” (wrong – currently £1000) Another question from Nick Ferrari on Non EU Migration – Gove answers “over 200k” (wrong it’s under)

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