The Hiding PM… @parliamentview


PM Theresa May is gaining a reputation in the 2017 General Election for not wanting to talk to anyone except Tory activists. She said she wanted “to get out and meet the voters”

By contrast Jeremy Corbyn has travelled widely, spoke to activists, but also spoke to members of the public in the street. Jeremy in a Tory heartland of Leamington Spa & Worcester pictured below…..

19th April – BOLTON – Theresa May has had a disastrous start to her election campaign. Her first stop today in Bolton left locals somewhat unimpressed after the Prime Minister chose to make her entrance by dropping into a golf club by helicopter. Click Here

22nd April – DUDLEY – She made a speech to supporters at Netherton Conservative Club – Click Here

28th April – LEEDS – The prime minister spoke to around 150 cheering Tory activists gathered at Shine Click Here

28th April – DERBYSHIRE – In a sparsely populated factory, May forgets which town she’s in! Click Here

1st May – ABERDEENSHIRE – Theresa May is facing fresh accusations of “hiding” from voters after a campaign event held in Scotland was publicly listed as a children’s birthday party. Click here

2nd May – CORNWALL – Local news reporters claim they were locked in a room by Theresa May’s press officers as the Prime Minister toured a factory during an election campaign visit. Cornwall Live claimed its reporter was shut away in a room while Ms May visited the Water-Ma-Trout industrial estate in Helston. Click Here

6th May – WOLVERHAMPTON – UTC Aerospace (pic below left) – Yet again another safe factory environment. Workers will usually behave, movements can be limited. No public asking awkward questions. Click Here

6th May – BRENTFORD – Octink Signs (pic below right) – Yup, you’ve guessed it….another safe factory space, and more limited press access. We’ll see her talking to patients and junior doctors soon….won’t we? Maybe visiting a foodbank or women’s refuge?……. – Click Here

8th May – HARROW – Activists in the background (why do they do this?) and some media allowed in. No publicClick Here

9th May – YORK – Yawn! (Signs, activists, candidates, NO public) Where she ironically said “I know how important it is to be out there, talking directly to voters, hearing their concerns.”…..Click Here and Here

11th May – SOUTHAMPTON – At last, she meets a few detached house dwelling people, some of home had just so happened to be waiting on the pavement for a politician to go past. Not just Mr Detached, but Mrs too. What chance of that eh?……

As with PMQ’s, she even hides the answers to questions put to her….

31st May – PLYMOUTH – She gives an interview to a local paper, where the reporter comes away from it clueless to what just happened…

1st June – PONTEFRACT, DERBY & GUISBOROUGH – As usual, these were either meetings with the usual activists or at…yup, that’s right….factories. The problem here is the workers are pretty much a captive audience, obviously on their best behaviour.

and it’s not just Mrs May. Philip Hammond and David Davis kept away from the public at the Institute of Engineers on 3rd May –Click Here

“Meet the voters”?…..

A Facebook Q&A session (where Peston can select what he’s been told to select!) –

LBC Q&A session, though Nick Ferrari will ask questions sent in (and no doubt pre-selected before she answers!)

And remember her fluffy appearance on The One Show, where the discussion got as heady as “Boy jobs and Girl jobs”


Work in progress….no doubt more hiding ahead!……….


Above graphic by @laboureoin

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