The 2017 Conservative Manifesto – The Lowlights… @parliamentview

The 2017 Tory manifesto is badly laid out. Clearly rushed, though they would have had enough time to bullet point it a bit! Here’s the worst of it……. Scrapping Free School Meals for infants – Scrapping the Triple Lock – Scrapping the Tax Lock – David Cameron’s tax “triple lock”, which guaranteed there would be no rise in national insurance, VAT or income tax, will be … Continue reading The 2017 Conservative Manifesto – The Lowlights… @parliamentview

Conservatives – A series of gaffes!…….by @parliamentview

In the 2017 General Election campaign, Labour’s Dianne Abbott was asked about the cost of employing extra police officers. She got the figure wrong before being corrected, though it would appear she said £300,000 instead of 300 million. Of course the Tory press rounded on her, but it didn’t take long before their lot committed a series of gaffes….. Amber Rudd: “To hisses in the … Continue reading Conservatives – A series of gaffes!…….by @parliamentview

Delayed!…….by @parliamentview

Various reports delayed by the government until after the 2017 General Election PORT OF HULL: MP Karl Turner is demanding answers after the Home Office decided to delay releasing a report into Port of Hull security until after the General Election. Click Here AIR POLLUTION: The government’s attempt to delay publishing its air pollution strategy because of the election is “dishonest” and leaves ministers on … Continue reading Delayed!…….by @parliamentview

The Hiding PM… @parliamentview

  PM Theresa May is gaining a reputation in the 2017 General Election for not wanting to talk to anyone except Tory activists. She said she wanted “to get out and meet the voters” By contrast Jeremy Corbyn has travelled widely, spoke to activists, but also spoke to members of the public in the street. Jeremy in a Tory heartland of Leamington Spa & Worcester … Continue reading The Hiding PM… @parliamentview