The Trump Report….by @parliamentview


His golf trips and visits to Mar-a-Lago

Since taking office and getting his hands on Air Force One, DJT has frequently abused tax payers dollars, to sun himself down south, admittedly there has been some ‘work’ done, but he is on course to massively spend more than Obama did in 8 years, before his first 4 are up!

Feb 3 – 6 2017

Feb 10 – 12 2017

Feb 17 – 20 2017

Mar 3 – 5 2017

On the above trips, more detail here:

Mar 17 –  2017

detail here:–politics/trump-returns-mar-lago-this-weekend-for-fifth-presidential-visit/RleWKJyUpGsq5THJ2wOPjN/

How much work does he do, on his 5th visit in 8 weeks, HuffPost investigates:  Click Here

and it carries on…….

8th April 2017 – 15th golf trip in 11 weeks! – Click Here

Wikipedia have a list of his Presidential trips –

His tweets!….


“Unpresidented” above is worryingly bad spelling for a man becoming President, but to be fair, is one of his lesser errors of judgement! He also spelt ‘Honored’ (which is the correct US spelling) as ‘Honered’ just after the inauguration.

All you need to know here Really…take a few minutes to see how his unstable mind is working!

He is that bad with facts, the Washington Times have devised an extension to Chrome to insert corrections to The Donald’s dodgy tweets!

Fact check his tweets with this extension –

A running list of all the worst things Donald Trump has said about women. It’s long!

Original Article: Click Here


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