The Cost of Brexit…….by @parliamentview


As we disentangle ourselves from the EU, I aim to highlight many of the changes we’ll see. As someone who voted Remain, you’ll understand it’s up to others to find any real good that’ll come from it!……..

BENEFITS for EU nationals

The 2015 Manifesto said “Changes to welfare to cut EU migration will be an absolute requirement in the renegotiation”

Damian Green on BBC Daily Politics on the 14th September 2016, said of the Conservative Manifesto promises of….

*No benefits for EU migrants for 4 years

*EU job seekers to leave the UK if they haven’t found work within 6 months

*Changes to Child Tax credits

………will all “be POSSIBILITIES in the negotiations”


The head of Renault-Nissan, one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, has warned that a decision on whether to continue investing in the UK is on hold until the Brexit negotiations have produced a result. 05/08/16

UPDATE: Nissan have now been ‘reassured’ somehow, and have committed to additional new production.


The Ministry of Defence is facing extra costs of up to £700m a year following the UK’s Brexit vote, experts warn.

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) says this is due to the fall in sterling where military equipment purchases have been made in US dollars. 10/08/16


* Shares and Pound plunge 24/06/16

*How will Brexit affect your finances?

Roaming charges up?

House prices down?

Benefits cut again? 24/06/16


*Ehic cards, Travel Visa and Passports 24/06/16


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