Tory Election Expenses……



UPDATE: New Statesman article on the files passed to the CPS by 12 police forces in March 2017

Channel Four – Election Expenses Exposed

Brilliantly put together dossier on the overspending, where a lot of hotel costs, in particular, were not included!

Alex Chalk and Consertive activists and the battlebus

From the Daily Mirror……

Busted: The 24 Tories and how they ‘broke General Election spending rules’


The Tories seem to think they can just ‘amend’ an expense return……



These points are from @laboureoin…….




All the pictures of activists with the battlebus on this blog post, also show a sign promoting the local candidate. Clearly that shows the battlebus was being used locally, to help elect local candidates, and not as part of general Conservative propaganda.


Dave admits “misdeclaring”…….


It is a legal requirement for election agents to submit a correct expense return.

Failing to declare spending by candidates and their electoral agents is a criminal offence under the Representation of the People Act. It carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail or an unlimited fine.

Source: Daily Mirror –


BattleBus – Everything You Need to Know:




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