The Long Term Pain…..

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Financially the Long Term Economic Plan isn’t working.


Government borrowing figures were worse than expected in November 2015, casting doubts over whether the chancellor will meet forecasts for 2015/16.

Borrowing for the month was £14.2bn, up by £1.3bn compared with November 2014.

The ONS said total public sector debt had risen to £1,536.4bn, equivalent to 80.5% of the UK’s annual economic output.


Nearly 6 yrs in power, and in November 2015 reports show that the Tory government have managed to grow the deficit (the difference between what the government spends and takes in). It increased 16% from a year earlier to £8.2bn in October.


The Tories have performed abysmally with the NHS. First Lansley’s reforms, and a slew of mistakes under Hunt. Record waiting figures, Cancer drugs withdrawn, 66 A&E and Maternity units closed or downgraded and 98% of a 76% turnout of Junior Doctors voting for strike action.


English NHS trusts report worst ever shortfall and predict they will end year £2.2bn in deficit. The NHS’s deficit in England soared to £1.6bn in the first half of this year, almost double the £930m overspend it recorded in the first three months, new official figures reveal.

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