Over 50 promises the Conservatives have broken since 2010……


(Adapted from a Daily Mirror article first published in May 2015 – BY JACK BLANCHARD)

Over 50 promises the Conservatives have broken since they came to power

We will balance the books by 2015
THE TRUTH: Britain still has a budget deficit of £90billion

We will pay down Britain’s debts
THE TRUTH: George Osborne has borrowed over £500billion in five years – more than Labour did in 13


We will get net immigration down to the tens of thousands (above)
THE TRUTH: Net immigration is 330,000 in the year ending Mar 2015 –Click Here

No more top-down reorganisations of the NHS
THE TRUTH: £3billion wasted on the biggest reorganisation in NHS history

We will improve your living standards
THE TRUTH: Families £1,600-a-year worse off than in 2010 and in 2016 this will be even worse, with savage cuts to Tax Credits.

We will deport more foreign criminals
THE TRUTH: The number of foreign crooks on our streets soars 20%

We will keep our nation’s defences strong
THE TRUTH: Army hacked back by 20,000 troops to its lowest level since the Napoleonic wars

We will not raise VAT
THE TRUTH: VAT hiked to 20%, costing the average family £450-a-year – Click Here

We will protect the vulnerable from the cuts
THE TRUTH: Cruel welfare sanctions force one million people to use food banks

We’re all in it together
THE TRUTH: Millionaires get a £100,000-a-year tax cut and the better off benefit from Inheritence tax cut…..the poor get the £15-a-week Bedroom Tax

GP access promised 12 hours a day, seven days a week
THE TRUTH: Patients face a 10-day wait to see their family doctor, plus many GP’s going abroad

We will get tough on illegal immigrants
THE TRUTH: Home Office loses track of 174,000 illegal immigrants

We will get tough on tax avoidance
THE TRUTH: The Treasury is still missing out on an estimated £34billion a year

David-cameron chase farm

We will stop the closure of A&E and maternity wards
THE TRUTH: Dozens closed or downgraded since 2010 – 66 Maternity and A&E units closed or downgraded. (Above Cameron campaigns to stop the closure of Chase Farm A&E whilst in opposition. Months later he closed it himself)

We will cut the number of MPs by 10%
THE TRUTH: Not a single MP has been cut

We will get Britain building again
THE TRUTH: Lowest level of house-building since the war

We will have more small schools with smaller class sizes
THE TRUTH: Number of infants in oversized classes up 200%

We will protect front-line policing
THE TRUTH: 17,000 cops get the boot – Crime rising and officers cut-  Click Here and Here

We will support families through the tax and benefits system
THE TRUTH: The average family loses £1,100 through tax and benefit changes. In 2015, the IFS say that the government’s package of measures will not compensate for the losses through cuts to Tax Credits. Self employed people will also not benefit from the Minimum or National Living wage, and anyone with a mortgage or kids told old for childcare also misses out.

We will be the Greenest Government Ever
THE TRUTH: Cameron tells his Ministers to “cut the green cr*p”……also: Green deal scrapped and onshore wind farm subsidies cut

We will work towards ending child poverty by 2020
THE TRUTH: 300,000 more kids plunged into poverty, and targets scrapped to hide the true level.

We will enhance the status of teachers
THE TRUTH: Teachers’ pay cut in real terms year after year and their status publicly attacked from Michael Gove. Free schools allowed to employed unqualified teachers.

We will revolutionise cancer care
THE TRUTH: The key cancer treatment waiting time target missed for the past four quarters. Many cancer drugs withdrawn in two stages in 2015.

We will cut the number of highly-paid special advisers in Government
THE TRUTH: Number of special advisers soars by 50%

We will support and improve Sure Start
THE TRUTH: 763 Sure Start centres closed and many more scaled down

We will break down barriers between health and social care
THE TRUTH: Social care funding slashed by £3.5billion as part of attack on town hall budgets and ILF cash no longer has a guarantee of ring fencing.

We will restore trust in politics
THE TRUTH: The Tories trouser £30million in donations from hedge funds – which were given a huge tax cut in 2013. In 2015 Cameron increases Tory peers in Lord’s substantially, to head off threats to his government policy.


We will protect our NHS
THE TRUTH: 40% of NHS contracts handed to private health firms. Real terms spending was reported as down by The King’s Fund in August 2014. Waiting lists at an all time high.

We will revolutionise prisoner rehab
THE TRUTH: Prison escapes, assaults and suicides all soar as inmates are locked in overcrowded cells for 23 hours a day

We will increase spending on vital flood defences
THE TRUTH: Flood defence spending cut by £247million – and thousands of homes are flooded

We will fight for the union
THE TRUTH: A few weeks before the election in 2015, Cameron talks up the SNP to punish Labour and unveils plans to downgrade Scottish MPs at Westminster

We will tackle inequality
THE TRUTH: The richest 1% of Britons now own the same amount of wealth as 54% of the population.

We will treat white collar crime as seriously as other crimes
THE TRUTH: 90% of cyber-crime is allowed to go undetected

No more winter crises in hospital
THE TRUTH: A&E departments in meltdown with one in five patients not seen within the four hour target.

We will invest in our schools
THE TRUTH: Plans to build more than 700 new schools across Britain brutally axed. New free schools undersubscribed and some closed due to poor performance.

We will help the disabled into suitable jobs
THE TRUTH: Remploy factories shut down and disabled people subjected to cruel Atos tests

We will make our borders more secure
THE TRUTH: Customs checks for dangerous drugs and weapons scaled back dramatically

We will keep supporting our young people
THE TRUTH: More than 2,000 youth workers axed and at least 350 youth centres closed. No National Living Wage if you’re under 25, and Housing Benefit withdrawn for 18-25 yr old’s.

We will create security for British businesses
THE TRUTH: HSBC is amongst a raft of UK firms unsettled by Cameron’s EU referendum pledge.

We will not means-test child benefit
THE TRUTH: Child benefit means-tested and then cut for better-off families

We have no plans to get rid of the Education Maintenance Allowance
THE TRUTH: Six months later it is axed completely

We have no plans to get rid of Labour’s Future Jobs Fund
THE TRUTH: Six months later it is axed completely

We will improve Britain’s productivity
THE TRUTH: Productivity is 21% lower than the G7 average. We fall from 5th in 2010 to 10th in 2014, in the World Bank ‘Ease of Doing Business’ Index (8th in 2015)

We will deal with long-term unemployment with our ‘Work Programme’
THE TRUTH: More than 650,000 people are left off work for more than a year. In 2015 there are 1.75m unemployed and around 700,000 vacancies. Zero Hour Contracts have risen, and many apprenticeships are for over 25’s.

We will bring in 3,000 more midwives
THE TRUTH: Cameron misses his target by almost a third

We will create the “right sort of jobs” to spread prosperity “for the many not the few”
THE TRUTH: 1.7million zero hours contracts handed out in Cameron’s low-pay Britain

No-one will be made homeless by our welfare cuts
THE TRUTH: Rough sleeping up 55% since 2010. 1768 in 2010 rising to 2744 in 2014. Welfare reforms such as the bedroom tax, sanctions and housing benefit cuts are fuelling England’s rapidly worsening homelessness crisis, according to an independent study. Click Here

We will not allow cuts to front-line services
THE TRUTH: Services are cut across the board, from nearly 500 public libraries to over 1,000 lollipop ladies

We will have head-to-head TV debates like in 2010
THE TRUTH: Cameron was too chicken to take part in most of the debates, only doing so when he had less time to speak in the 7 way debate.

Fire and Rescue cuts 

THE TRUTH: The Westminster government cut its funding to the fire and rescue service by 30% during the course of the last parliament. As a result nearly 7,000 frontline jobs were lost. That’s one in eight firefighter jobs gone. Stations, appliances and equipment were also cut.



Many more promises broken including……

Lie 1: Rail improvements scrapped/”paused”

Benefit cap no mention of 20k level

Lie2: The Benefit Cap – No mention of £20,000 level for outside of London in the manifesto, but announced after the election.

Lie 3: 30 hrs Childcare from 2016 in the manifesto – delayed a year after the election

FREEZE FOR 2 YRS ON WORKING AGE BENEFITS IN MANIFESTO4 yrs benefit freeze on working age benefits in budget summer 2015

Lie 4: Two yr freeze on benefits in the manifesto, became FOUR years in the July Budget after the election.

Lie 5: Child Tax Credit not going to fall – 3rd child gets no credits from 2017, and subject to benefit freeze

Lie 6: We will make motoring greener – increased car tax on new cars from 2017 will see many low emissions vehicles pay much more in VED.

Lie 7: We will cap charges for residential social care from April 2016 – delayed FOUR years since the manifesto was published

labours great recession

Lie 8: Labour’s Great Recession – It was a global recession, started in the US

Lie 9: £20bn of departmental savings not £13bn – Increased since the manifesto was published 

Lie 10: No cut to child benefit – In real terms they have with the benefit freeze

Lie 11: No increase in National Insurance – see my link below for an explanation

Lie 12: Support to working families – Tax credit cuts will see 3.3m families lose an average of £1000 a year

Lie 13: 18 week target – see my link below for an explanation

Not in the Queen’s speech: Three days volunteer leave

also see: http://benefacto.org/three-days-paid-volunteering-leave-an-update-from-rob-wilsons-office/

Missing from the Manifesto: Maintenance Grants scrapped

Missing from the Manifesto: Higher Tuition Fees

Missing from the Manifesto: Housing Benefit scrapped for 18-21 yr olds

See my full blog on these latest lies etc at: http://wp.me/p2P3VT-WG


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