Stories from the Tories – Conservative Party Conference 2015

Stories from the Tories – Conservative Party Conference 2015



In Camerons’ big speech on the last day of conference, he said this……..bin laden (2)

Truly shocking that our Prime Minister thinks Bin Laden’s death was a tragedy. The reality is he doesn’t. Just like JC doesn’t. But that didn’t stop DC leaving out the context in the hope gullible Tories will believe it. Although the actual words spoken by Jeremy have been in the public domain for quite some time. In fact the original interview was back in 2011! But let me put Camerons’ words in the   CONTEXT he spoke them………

“And on the subject of protecting our country from terrorism, let me just say this: Thousands of words have been written about the new Labour leader. But you only really need to know one thing: he thinks the death of Osama bin Laden was a “tragedy”No. A tragedy is nearly 3,000 people murdered one morning in New York. A tragedy is the mums and dads who never came home from work that day. A tragedy is people jumping from the towers after the planes hit. My friends – we cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating ideology on the country we love”

Clearly DC on his usual scaremongering warpath. No mention of what CONTEXT Jeremy Corbyn said those words. Here’s the ACTUAL interview……..

So then a little experiment occurred to me. Let’s see if any Tory MP’s would be so gullible to fall for me being shocked at what Cameron said. Well it went right over Anne-Marie Trevelyans’ head, and Jacob Rees Mogg tried to cover up for the PM……..

  .. Bin Laden Context AM TrevelyanBin Laden Context AM Trevelyan 3Bin Laden Context @jakereesmogg

**********WEDNESDAY 7TH OCT**********


David Camerons’ big announcement was removing the requirement for builders to build homes to rent on new estates. This will mean less council homes to rent and allow some landlords to charge even higher rents. Tories have a vested interest as landlords themselves remember!

**********TUESDAY 6TH OCT**********


IDS tells disabled people to “work their way out of poverty” –

IDS says reforms are ‘restoring lives’ – – tell that to the 2380+ DWP related dead!

Workers under the age of 25 are not “productive” enough to warrant being paid the new National Living Wage, according to Government Minister Matthew Hancock.

Cameron announces parents of truants to have their benefits docked if they refuse to pay fines –

***********MONDAY 5TH OCTOBER**********

Hunt says Tax Credits cuts will encourage us to work as hard as China –

Osborne announces councils will be able to hold onto business rate revenue, but poorer councils likely to lose out as only those with elected mayors will be able to raise them

taxpayers alliance

Taxpayer Alliance (with Liam Fox on the panel at the meeting) recommends cutting pensioner benefits immediately – this would include free TV licences and bus passes. The worrying thing about their proposed means test, is those that will be on the ‘borderline’ between being classed as rich and those just under it.

**********SUNDAY 4TH OCTOBER**********

GPs in England are to be offered a voluntary contract to provide seven-day-a-week cover for patients, David Cameron has announced.


More than half of family doctors say they are set to leave the profession early because of underfunding and the conveyer-belt system of appointments, according to a new survey.


and this front page will surely put a spanner in the works?


PM standing firm on tax credit cuts, but experts say it will leave many families much worse off.

£1000 a year worse off say the IFS –

Up to £3000 for families with children say Unison –


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