What Jeremy ACTUALLY said and did by @parliamentview

What Jeremy ACTUALLY said and did…..

With Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, the sly, devious Tories will take many of his words out of context and try to scaremonger. They or their mates in the press will also pick up on anything he does that seems wrong….when it wasn’t!


Tory MP Mark Francois stated in the House of Commons on the 14th Mar 2018, that Jeremy Corbyn had not condemned Russia over it’s attack on Sergei Skripal.


 Jeremy Corbyn: “The whole house condemns the suspected poisoning of Sergei Skripal, his daughter, & detective Nick Bailey.” “We wish them a speedy recovery.” “No member of our police force, and nobody on the streets of Britain should ever face such an attack” Mar 12th 2018


Labour has again denied allegations Jeremy Corbyn had been either a collaborator or agent of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

The Labour leader’s spokesman said the claims had come from a single source and were “absurd and hallucinogenic”. BBC

CZECH SECURITY SERVICES: Svetlana Ptáčníková, who heads the Czech Security Forces Archive – which holds documents relating to StB spies and their contacts, says the story isn’t true.

“Mr. Corbyn was neither registered [by the StB] as a collaborator, nor does this [his alleged collaboration] stem from archive documents,” she told Czech News agency CTK. Mirror

CZECH PM:  Sarkocy has also made claims that Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis cooperated with the Czechoslovakian secret police – a charge Mr Babis has long denied and which is the subject of a long running court case.

Mr Sarkocy is lying,” Mr Babis told Czech tabloid CTK. “He is an absolutely untrustworthy person and I am shocked that Czech media consider him a relevant source of information.” Mirror

GERMAN COMMISSIONER FOR STASI RECORDS: German officials have revealed there are no Stasi records held on Jeremy Corbyn amid “spy” claims about the Labour leader.

The Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records (BStU), who oversees the archives of East Germany’s secret police, said their searches “have not produced any records or any other information” on Mr Corbyn. SkyNews

NO EVIDENCE: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/feb/20/no-evidence-corbyn-was-spy-for-czechoslovakia-say-intelligence-experts Guardian


This article by The Skwawkbox proves that Guido Fawkes lied about the fees Jeremy got for the work done for Press TV, and makes clear his clear objection to Human Rights abuses in Iran.

Click Here


There has been some criticism of Jeremy Corbyn for going back on a manifesto promise to pay back historic student fees. Except….he never promised that. Here is what one tweet from @carrie_symonds1 (Former Special Adviser to Sajid Javid @ DCLG & John Whittingdale at DCMS) retweeted from Order-Order.com on 17th July 2017 “Jon Ashworth confirms Labour is breaking student debt promise they made in the election. Shameful.”

What Jeremy Corbyn ACTUALLY said was…..

The key bit being “looking at ways”…it wasn’t even in the manifesto!


Accused by some of failing to bow to the Queen at the 2017 Queen’s speech, it turns out he was in the right, and Theresa May in the wrong!

From the Independent:

Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for failing to bow to the Queen at the state opening of Parliament, but it appears the Labour leader was actually upholding tradition. 

The MP for Islington North entered the Lord’s Chamber with Theresa May but was seen standing resolutely upright as those around him bowed in respect to the monarch. 

However it has emerged that it may in fact be the Prime Minister who breached convention. 

According to political pundit Damian McBride, leaders on both sides did not bow at the opening of Parliament in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 or 2016.

Click Here


Jeremy has been accused of not declaring his additional premium for being Leader of HM Opposition. The fact is, it was declared in the pensions section of the return. The figure itself comes from his P60. Unusual for it to be in the pensions section perhaps, but his return is accurate financially. The correct amount of tax has been paid.



Does Jeremy Corbyn do a dance in Downing Street


The full-frame photos reveal what Mr Corbyn was really doing.

The Labour leader chose to attend the service with a constituent, George Durack.

Jeremy Corbyn and Colleague arrive at Downing Street
With George in the frame, it’s clear the pair are talking (credit: Joanne Davidson/SilverHub)

Mr Durack is a Word War II veteran, who served in the 7th Armoured Division, also known as the “Desert Rats”, just as Caen was retaken.

Mr Durack, 92, said he had known Jeremy Corbyn for 30 years and had recommended the Labour Leader became MP for Islington North.

He said: “I’ve seen a bit of action and that annoys me when somebody tries to make fun of something like this, I take it very seriously I lost good friends and good colleagues in the war and like me Jeremy Corbyn takes it very seriously.

“From what I can make of it they have taken some photographs of him walking along and you can make what you like of that. It’s absolute nonsense.



Virgin Trains has disputed Jeremy Corbyn’s filmed account of having to sit on the floor of a “ram-packed” London-to-Newcastle service, releasing CCTV images that it said showed the Labour leader walking past empty, unreserved seats.

http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/aug/23/jeremy-corbyn-virgin-trains-disputes-claim-over-lack-of-seats 23/08/16

Corbyn Virgin 5.jpg

But, there was an explanation…..

Corbyn Virgin 2.JPG

The seats with tickets on them are reserved…..

but then further clarification….


and passengers back him up….


Double Down News have an excellent clip explaining the ’empty’ and reserved seats – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47fqjA8CwGE



Sun Court JesterSun Apology 221215

The September 15th issue of the same did a big front page splash on why they thought Jeremy would accept the Privy Councillor title. On December 22nd 2015, they printed a tiny front page apology, backed up with a thin side bar in more detail on page 2.

From the Independent……

“Under the headline – “Labour hypocrite: Leftie who hates the Royals WILL kiss Queen’s hand to grab £6.2m” – the article falsely alleged that Mr Corbyn’s motive in becoming a Privy Councillor was to secure state funding for the Labour Party.

Under legislation passed 40 years ago, all opposition parties are entitled to what is known as “Short money” to pay the salaries of researchers and other aides.

When challenged over the article, the Sun argued that the grant to the leader’s office might be withheld if the leader refused to join the Privy Council – something which has never happened since state funding of opposition parties began.

Ipso found the claim was not true. The Ipso Complaints Committee ruled that “it was significantly misleading to claim as fact that Labour’s access to Short money (either the £6.2m, or the £777,538.48 [to cover office expenses]) was conditional on Mr Corbyn’s joining the Privy Council; the two were not directly connected.”




UKIP are up to their usual scaremongering in Oldham West & Royton, in the by-election to replace Michael Meacher. The leaflet above tries to convince voters the world is ending! Lets look at the points….

Uncontrolled Mass Immigration – A UKIP favourite, but the changes in Immigration came about because of Thatcher and Major, who between them signed treaties allowing free movement and expansion of the EU. Just before his first Conference speech as leader, he said this…“Our health service, our education service, much of our industrial development in Britain, has been greatly enhanced by the work done by people who have made their homes here, paid their taxes here, worked very hard here and given us this amazing cosmopolitan society that we have.” He said instead of being afraid of immigration people should welcome the opportunities it brings.

Axing our armed forces – From his 2015 Conference Speech  – “Yes we do need a strong military to keep us safe and to take a lead in humanitarian operations. There is no contradiction between working for peace across the world and doing what is necessary to keep us safe.”

Abolishing the Monarchy –  “I am at heart, as you very well know, a republican. But it’s not the fight I’m going to fight.” 29th July 2015 – http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/uk/2015/07/jeremy-corbyn-interview-i-think-we-have-think-terms-disillusioned-who-didn-t

Handing over the Falklands to Argentina – See this Daily Politics i’view where Jeremy suggests no change to nationality, but discussions on co-operation and a joint administration. A good working relationship with Argentina could be beneficial to the Falkland Islanders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CagRMhkO-zE


Nod in my name

The Sun reported that Jeremy didn’t bow his head at the Cenotaph (above) but Click Here and you’ll see he did!

(Remember, The Sun is the paper that smeared the Hillsborough victims by blaming them for the events that killed 96 people!)

Telegraph readers were annoyed at their paper’s coverage …..http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/11/09/the-telegraph-jeremy-corbyn-remembrance-sunday_n_8508200.html

Jeremy’s supporters hit back: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/remembrance-sunday-jeremy-corbyn-supporters-6791953

Jeremy stayed behind and applauded veterans and took time to talk to them and take photos…..IMG_7yr05h




A number of newspapers reported comments made by Jeremy about commemorating the First World War. Click Here to see his full comment in context. The problem is the likes of The Daily Mail and Telegraph report it out of context and voters who don’t look into it believe the Tory press! Nov 2015


rugby world cup

Criticism of Jeremy for turning down a Rugby World Cup invite by some in the media, but he had more important things to attend to, than go to a freebie. Like constituents. Which is what he’s paid for! 

Rugby wc 2

From Daisy Barber: ”Jeremy Corbyn was criticised  for ‘snubbing’ the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup, citing prior commitments. As Boris Jonhson put it “This is turning into a national joke…Come on Jezza: Scrum down for England.”

His prior commitment was a running weekly appointment to meet with his constituents. Yesterday he sat down for a private meeting with my sister in law to talk about her housing situation.

Despite a waiting room full of people outside, and having recently been elected Leader of the Opposition, he nevertheless took his time to listen to and her story and fully understand the issues.

He treated her with compassion and dignity throughout, and promised to personally look into the case. On top of that, he insisted she return later so he could meet her kids, and then took the time to explain to my nieces the exact process required to make jam (there are things called pectins which are apparently very important).

By this time it gone 5pm on a Friday, when he should otherwise have been en route to the RWC.

That’s scrumming down for England in my opinion! ”

I thought the above was worth sharing, to help give you an insight of the type of man that Jeremy is. Jeremy and his shadow chancellor have been supporters of the Save Shaker Aamer campaign for years and continue to campaign for his release, way before it was popular to do so. Jeremy has also put his name to the latest EDM for shaker, we’re hoping to get at least a 100 names to it. W’re currently at 41. Please see if your MPs name is there, if it isn’t, please email them and ask they do so > http://www.saveshaker.org/sign-the-edm-for-the-release-…/580 18th Sept 2015



(Battle of Britain Commemoration)

Claims that Jeremy Corbyn stole, “not one but two” sandwiches meant for veterans attending a Battle of Britain 75th anniversary commemorations have been debunked by the provider of the free lunches.

A statement from Kerry Parkin, Costa’s Head of CSR and Communications, said: “The bags were available to veterans and guests at the service”.

“As a British business Costa are proud to support the Battle of Britain service at St Pauls with over 70 staff donating their time to provide veterans and guests with lunch and refreshment at the service.”

As for Jeremy not singing the National Anthem, he was there to honour the fallen and surviving heroes. Nothing to do with the Queen. He would like a republic, but has said it’s not something he’s pursuing as leader. He paid respectful silence.

Original Article – Click Here


Sept 2015: Under that stupid headline, The Sun dredge up a comment made in 2012, but actually print his spoken words.The key sentence being “Wouldn’t it be wonderful IF…..” Jeremy clearly expressing a view in an ideal world.

Original Article – Click Here

Sept 2015: Within hours of his win, they presented this distortion…..






Taking each point in turn here’s what he really said….


He says: “There was no attempt whatsoever that I can see to arrest him, to put him on trial, to go through that process.

“This was an assassination attempt, and is yet another tragedy, upon a tragedy, upon a tragedy.

“The World Trade Center was a tragedy, the attack on Afghanistan was a tragedy, the war in Iraq was a tragedy. Tens of thousands of people have died. Torture has come back on to the world stage, been canonised virtually into law by Guantanamo and Bagram.

“Can’t we learn some lessons from this? That we are just going to descend deeper and deeper…”

Original Article – Click Here


He did say friends, but “in a collective way” He has also publicly stated his rejection of war and terrorism.

Original Article – Click Here


Hardly a revelation, but Jeremy is opposed to Nuclear weapons and some thought needs to be given to the belief……Do we really need them?


Here is what he said……

Mr Corbyn said Labour’s biggest mistake in last month’s general election was “allowing the Conservatives to dictate the narrative of the economic downturn” by blaming the last Labour government.

He added: “We made a huge mistake of allowing the Tories to get away with saying we spent too much money but we actually spent little on many crucial services.”

Original Article – Click Here


An explanation by Richard Murphy, tax expert

“People’s QE is fundamentally different. [It] does have the Bank of England print new money, which is identical to the process that is use by ordinary banks when they lend to business, but it gives that money to people like housing authorities, to local councils, to a green investment bank to build houses, to schools to build hospitals.

“Any system of people’s QE would be turned off if we got to a situation of high wages and full employment, but we are so far from that at the moment that we have to tackle the low-wage economy and the lack of productivity in the UK by creating new investment, which is the foundation for new prosperity.”

“This programme is about creating jobs in every single constituency in the UK. It is not costless, there will be a small rise in inflation, but we need it. It would have to be used responsibly, but of course Jeremy Corbyn understands that.”

Original Article – Click Here


He didn’t say “people should pay quite a lot more” He said those on over £50,000 a year “a bit more”, those on over £100,000, ” quite a lot more”

So the Tories smear attempt above was based on comments about £100,000 earners

Original Interview – Click Here (approx 5mins 40secs in)



Aug 2015: An interesting article by Private Eye on how Jeremy’s comments are twisted……

How to Speak Corbyn

A clearer copy might be found in this article: http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/people-are-sharing-private-eyes-brilliant-skewering-of-the-medias-jeremy-corbyn-headlines–Z1DJtVY_Be

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