Jeremy Corbyn – Documents and Articles on Policy – compiled by @parliament view

Documents & articles on policy issued by Jeremy Corbyn

……in the 2016 Labour Leadership campaign


Equality for Women

The next Labour government, under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, will take decisive action against sexism, discrimination and violence against women and girls.

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The Digital Democracy

Technological advancements have transformed our daily lives, and politics is changing too. The issues may not change that much – people want decent housing and decent jobs, they want access to education and opportunity, they want thriving public services and a society which works for the millions not just the millionaires. But the terrain on which opinions are formed is changing.

With rapid advances in digital technology, data and information can become sources of inequality and exploitation as well as. This digital manifesto is about ensuring that our advances are shared, utilised and enjoyed by everyone, as part of a wider strategy to rebuild and transform Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.

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……in the 2015 Labour Leadership campaign

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Mental Health

Jeremy Corbyn has launched a set of ideas and proposals that aim to tackle the mental health crisis that is happening in Britain today and improve mental health coverage in our country. Click Here

Street Harassment

The excellent work of individuals, campaigns and groups like Everyday Sexism and Stop Street Harassment have highlighted just how prevalent street harassment is and the extent to which many women feel uncomfortable, anxious, and unsafe just going about their daily routines. Click Here

A People’s Railway

Jeremy pledges a Labour government will introduce a new Railways Act in 2020 to begin the process of bringing our railways into public control, run in the public interest in line with the  other social, economic and environmental goals of his overall Vision For Britain 2020 Click Here

Corbyn for Business: 

Jeremy Corbyn has launched his commitment to business and enterprise with his ‘Better Business’ plan, and his new website ‘Corbyn For Business’ – a set of policies that aim to improve the economic environment for small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and the growing number of enterprises that want to co-operate and innovate for the public good. Click Here

Protecting our Planet:

Jeremy Corbyn has set out his ideas for environmental policy, strongly emphasising greener energy, as part of his Vision for Britain 2020 theme of policies. He says: “I pledge, if elected Leader of the Labour Party, to meet the challenge of climate change with 10 energy pledges to reform our broken, dated and polluting energy market.” – Click Here

The Economy in 2020:

To build a rebalanced, prosperity-focused economy, based on growth and high quality jobs – Click Here

Northern Future:

‘It is in the long term interest of the UK to rebuild a resilient industrial base and with its people, energy, land and water, the North of England is the place to lead this.’ – Click Here


Defence Diversification: 

Mr Corbyn’s Defence Diversification Agency will redeploy defence workers and diversify their skills in accordance with the Vision For Britain 2020 – rebalancing the economy and promoting growth, not austerity and cuts – Click Here


Jeremy believes a secure and affordable home is a basic right. His housing manifesto proposes a radical rebooting of home construction permitting councils to be house builders and providers in order to meet the demand for affordable housing in their own areas – Click Here


Working with Women:

Jeremy proposes bolder strategies to promote stronger equality between women and men including the moving towards a system of universal free childcare – Click Here

National Education Service:

“Education is not about personal advancement but is a collective good that benefits our society and our economy. We all benefit from a more educated and skilled workforce” – Click Here

 A Better Future For Young People

“Young people have faced more challenges under austerity than the generation before them,” said Jeremy.”To win the next election Labour must stand for a growing economy not a cuts-based economy that chokes off growth, stifles recovery and makes life harder for young people” – Click Here


Many of Corbyn’s policies are advocated by prominent economists and commentators.’s-policies-as-‘sensible’


Jeremy for Labour Website (News Page):

Jeremy for PM? Why not:


4 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn – Documents and Articles on Policy – compiled by @parliament view

  1. I find that there is no mention of law and unions with bad practices.relating to employment law.And adjournment of case’s until the other side runs out of money.
    This is a common basic start to old policy for Labour nothing new.nothing about NHS the old rod for a politician back

  2. I believe this man, I worry about trident I think we need the security of it, we need to pay mothers if they choose to stay home and bring there own children up

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