Labour and the Economy……

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Much has been said about whether Labour can look after the economy – though usually by a right wing biased Tory press. Let’s look at some evidence that proves it can be trusted and some where history and context reveal a little more……

Labour NOT responsible for the crash says Eddie George, former Bank of England Governor – Dec 2014


Britain’s credit rating safer under Labour says Standard and Poor’s – Oct 2014

  Labour’s fine economic record – 5th April 2012

UK Economic Performance under Labour – Centre for Economic Performance

The UK‟s economic performance was strong during the period of Labour government, 97-2010. GDP per capita grew faster than in France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US. Productivity growth – GDP per hour – was second only to the US. Improvements in UK employment rates were actually better than in the US. Labour‟s policies seem to have contributed to the strong productivity performance after 1997 through the growth of education, support for innovation & tough competition policy”

The mess we inherited – some facts to fight the big Tory lies – Aug 2013

Putting it into context…..The Gold Sell Off – – Apr 2014 – NOTE: The Tories sold half our gold in 1970……..


Labour Party – Economy –


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