The Cameron Files – Misery and Mistakes


A long blog, but please read as much as possible. 



Foreign affairs committee says ex-PM was responsible for failures that helped create failed state on the verge of civil war. Cameron refused to give evidence to the select committee. In one of his few reflections on his major military intervention, he blamed the Libyan people for failing to take their chance of democracy.

Click Here to read Guardian article

images (5)c


An article by Owen Jones – 12/09/16

and a BBC report – 12/09/16


The Prime Minister said victims’ relatives would never get over the 1989 disaster and likened them to a “blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn’t there”.


LBC revealed an Imam branded by David Cameron as an ISIS supporter, was invited to a meeting of the Conservative Muslim Forum.

Not only was he invited to attend, but asked to extend the invitation to other local people.

Dan Watkins, the Conservative Party candidate for Tooting at the last election invited Mr Gani to the event by both text and email. Apr 2016

and this from Political Scrapbook –

“FULL CONFIDENCE” (John Whittingdale and others)

See my separate post here:


Number 10 photoshops a poppy onto an old picture of David Cameron – BADLY! – Nov 2015

poppy photoshop original image 2015poppy photoshop 2015

a. Cheap

b. Disrespectful

c. Bloody obvious

d. Arrogant and/or Stupid



Stories from the Tories – All the worst of the ‘Ring of Steel conference in Manchester. Includes two Tories for whom context went right over their heads! –


The Yorkshire Gaffe….

BBC: “UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been heard saying Yorkshire people “hate each other”, while rehearsing a speech.

Wearing a microphone but not on camera, he was thought to be rehearsing an answer to a question on devolution.

Ahead of a speech in Leeds, he said: “We just thought people in Yorkshire hated everyone else, we didn’t realise they hated each other so much.”

It is not known whether Mr Cameron was making a joke and Downing Street has refused to comment.” Wonder why? 11th Sept 2015



Government gives charity £3m a week before it goes bust, and they were warned! 

Prime Minister David Cameron has defended the government’s decision to give charity Kids Company £3m one week before its closure, saying it had been right to give it “one last chance”.

Ministers approved the grant despite warnings from senior civil servants about the charity. 7th August 2015

Click Here  and

Matthew Hancock and Oliver Letwin signed off the money 3 days after recieving a damning report – Click Here



“No if’s, No but’s” said Cameron – No Third Runway at Heathrow – also see ‘Haunting Cameron’ below….



Dissolution 2015

Includes Douglas Hogg, who claimed £2,200 expenses for the cleaning of the moat at his 13th-century manor house.

Queen’s Birthday 2015

Four multi-millonaire Tory donors have been given top honours

Knighthoods for Conservative Party Treasurer Henry Angest for “political service.” The Swiss-born banker has given £1.9million to the Tories

and to

Michael “Mick” Davis chair of the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission. Mr Davis has donated more than £1.4million

CBEs for Roderick (Rory) Brooks, who has donated £300,000, for charitable services

and to

Jeremy Issacs, who has given £400,000, for services to the NHS. 12th June 2015

but it’s not the first time……

2013 –

2012 –

although Tony Blair did do away with the watchdog in charge of overseeing the honours system! –




The Tories are only going to protect hard workers it seems, on the issue of psycho reactive drugs. If you’re looking hard for work, too ill to work, retired, a child or in employment, but not an especially hard worker, you’ve got no chance!

Empty Promises


Pickles (on volunteer leave proposal): “What we expect them to do is work something out together”…….so that’s been thought out then!

Gawke (on train fares freeze cost): “It’s not possible to put a precise number on it

Mclaughlin: “It can be afforded and it will be afforded”……don’t you just love the detail?……

Hunt (On £8bn NHS funding):

Mishal Husain asked Hunt: “Do you recognise this statement: ‘the chaos of unfunded spending promises’? Do you know who said that?” She was referencing words used by Tory chancellor George Osborne in January to undermine Labour’s NHS plans. “You’re now going for chaos are you?” Husain added.

“We can fund these promises,” said Hunt, saying that the evidence was the “track record” of the Conservative party over the last parliament.

“So what you’re saying is [it’s] just trust?” said Husain. “Essentially what you’re saying is don’t worry about the evidence.”

“Let’s talk about the gap between what you’re saying you’re going to spend and what you’re saying you’re going to cut,” she continued.

From the Twitter account of @labourpress – Hunt asked about unfunded promises on ‘Do you make it up as you go along?’

See their uncosted plans being challenged here:



Cameron and Tetley – At the factory, he announces a boost for jobs in the area, then a few months later, Tetley make 23 staff redundant.

cameron 14 april manifesto


National Housing Federation and Chartered Institute of Housing both criticize housing plan –


Independent: “same mistakes as thatcher” ––and-why-the-tories-are-doomed-to-repeat-the-mistakes-of-thatcher-10174767.html

Housing Associations to sue Tories if forced to sell off homes  –

Other manifesto points and the problems with them!…….

  Extend income tax threshold to £500,000, giving married couples a combined tax-free inheritance to pass on of £1 million – FOR THE RICH

 A freeze in rail fares for five years – UNFUNDED, and also….

 Extend the right to buy scheme to housing association and council house tenants, which will allow 1.3 million people buy their homes – NOT AS MANY REPLACEMENT HOMES (around 400,000) 

 A 7-day a week access to a GP to deliver a “truly 7-day NHS”. – EMPTY PLEDGE

and GP’s condemn it……

 £8 billion fund for the NHS by the end of the Parliament – UNFUNDED –

 No rise in VAT, national insurance contributions or income tax – THE TORY’S ARE THE ONLY PARTY TO RAISE VAT IN LAST 36 YEARS – 79, 91 AND 2010. THEY SAID THEY WOULDN’T PRE 2010, THEN DID!

 Increase the 40p income tax threshold to £50,000 – FOR THE BETTER OFF

 Three million new apprenticeships – HIGH QUALITY?, ADULT MINIMUM WAGE?


The Telegraph prints a full page story listing 100 supporters of the Conservative led coalition, but some digging by @feedthedrummer reveals some interesting detail….. 1st April 2015

CBdSLI_WwAAkaALTelegraph 100 Supporters List 1st Apr 2015


Five stats that show you shouldn’t always take the Conservatives at face value–how-the-tories-cant-get-their-figures-straight-10147119.html

Tax claim guess


31st March 2015

It was a guess! –



Jan 2015 – The details on the above poster are smashed wide open and the Tories are shown as twisting and exaggerating facts…. by @MidWalesMike

1.75m more people in work? – What do they mean by work? Because the increase in zerohours and part time jobs, plus apprenticeships are all low paid usually, and self employed people earning so little they have to claim in-work benefits.

760,000 more businesses? Really? Well clearly not if you read the above links.

The Deficit Halved? December the 2nd 2014 and any Tory would tell you the deficit was down around a THIRD, which is what they’d been saying for several months. In cash terms IT STILL IS. But on December 3rd, the Chancellor announced it had magically HALVED….in a day! He did this by finding a measurement against which the figure looks different. As a share of GDP. From Investopedia the following quote – “A status of financial health in which expenditures exceed revenue” Meaning spending more than your incomings, i.e tax revenues. This is simple cash terms. Changing it to a share of GDP conveniently lowers it, but not in real £££’s.


Sent to Kitty Jones (and many other people). She blogs about it’s errors here….



“Money is no object” – when talking about flood relief (but only after riverside Tory areas near London had been flooded, many weeks after the Somerset levels)

£55m for a mission to Mars! – – Unbelievable!!!

£1.9bn to pay off WW1 debt – A debt that doesn’t really need paying now, does it?

£200m for a polar research ship

£5000 grants for people buying expensive electric cars –

  £30m paid to wind farms NOT to run –

£3m to teach people in China how to play football! Sept 2015

£239m MINIMUM wasted on Universal Credit I.T Project –

£5m for misleading tax statements – Many errors incl lumping retired nurse and soldier pensions in with welfare. The statements don’t show the contribution of my VAT, Fuel taxes or council tax.

£224m for an unlawfully terminated e-borders contract

£29.4m to cancel Birmingham courts building

£30m paid to wind farms 2011-2014 NOT to run –


Donors – JCB

Mar 2010 – £50,000 donation, just as 196 workers lose their jobs

Oct 2012 – Cameron faces questions over JCB links

Aug 2013 – Anthony Bamford recieves peerage

Sept 2014 – Housing Minister Brandon Lewis recieves £10,000 donation from JCB



On a trade trip to China George Osborne promises £3m to teach them football

He also pledges £2bn to guarantee a nuclear power deal

He invites them to tender for HS2, even though the line hasn’t got parliamentary approval!



Camerons threat to jobs – the pointless EU referendum –

There was a “significant” rise in net migration into the UK in 2013/14 to 243,000 from 175,000 the year before, government statisticians say

UPDATE Nov 2014 – Target now scrapped – #toryfail

UPDATE 2: Nov 2014 – A couple of days after giving up on the promise, Net Migration is now 260,000 to June 2014, up 17,000. Figures show immigration from within the EU is 45,000, from outside it’s 30,000.

UPDATE 3: Feb 2015 – Final estimate from the ONS of Net Migration figure to Sept 2014 is 298,000. This is up from the 210,000 in the previous year –

UPDATE 4: May 2015 – Now 318.000 –

Camerons Immigration Promise

Vote me out he orders…..

In 2010 David Cameron told voters to vote him out in 2015 if net migration was not in the tens of thousands…..look what’s happened…..

FAILING ON FOREIGN DIPLOMACY – HMS Enterprise dropped anchor off Tripoli in Libya, to pick up British nationals wanting to leave the country, due to the renewed fighting. Almost 3 years after Cameron announced his part in bringing democracy to this African nation. Oh dear Dave, whatever you did….no-one was listening….



rob wilson

Re-elected Tory MP Rob Wilson has dismissed a constituent concerned about homelessness by calling her a “bad loser” 10th May 2015

Grant Shapps

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps has said he “screwed up” in a recent interview when he suggested he never had a “second job” while an MP.

Mr Shapps admitted he had “over firmly” denied continuing his work as a web marketeer, under the pen name Michael Green, after being elected in 2005.

2005 – Became an MP

2006 – Audio recording of him promoting his business –

2013 – Company wound up

2014 – on LBC, he states he never had a 2nd job whilst an MP


David Cameron with Amjad Bashir (above), who in May 2014 was fined for employing illegal immigrants in his restaurant, and in Jan 2015 is the subject of an internal inquiry by ukip regarding financial and employment matters.

Sir Peter Tapsell on 2nd jobs “I am not a trade union official” no, but you are in the employ of a Japanese bank – VIDEO 26th Feb 2015

Conservative MP Nigel Mills has issued an apology for playing popular mobile puzzle game Candy Crush Saga during a Commons committee hearing (pic below).


The MP for Amber Valley was said to have played Candy Crush Saga over a period of two-and-a-half hours. Dec 2014

Tory MP Anne Milton complained about being ‘squashed’ by a ‘large-bottomed man’ sitting next to her on the train yesterday.

The former public health minister, who has campaigned against obesity, urged overweight commuters to slim down to ensure they can fit into the seats properly. Dec 2014

3rd Dec 2014 – Conservative MP Mark Garnier “deeply, deeply regrets” causing offence after describing some people as “dog-end voters in outlying regions” –

Peerages for sacked ‘unknown’ ministers


4th September 2014 – Tory MP Andrew Rossindale arrogantly parks in a disabled bay – 

guto bebb

4th September 2014 Tory MP Guto Bebb tells autistic man “Keep quiet if you have mental issues”, and to a person with Aspergers Syndrome that it was a “sob story”

lord howell desolote north

TORY Lord Howell (above), the Tory peer (and Osborne’s father-in-law) who caused controversy last year when he said fracking should only take place in the “desolate and unihabited” north east, has put his foot in it again. See: 14th May 2014


Patrick Mercer

TORY Patrick Mercer (above) resigns as an MP –

From Wikipedia – Mercer resigned the Conservative Party whip on 31 May 2013 after an investigation by the BBC’s Panorama programme regarding allegations of paid lobbying without registering the interest.

Mercer resigned his seat on 29 April 2014 following the recommendation of the Standards Committee that he should be suspended from the Commons for six months. The report of the Committee regarding the allegations is due to be published on 1 May. 29/04/2014


TORY MP Philip Davies (above) has suggested “vulnerable” jobseekers – including disabled people – should be allowed to work for less than the minimum wage. See – 17th June 2011

download (4)

PEOPLE – Ministers and Staff

George Osborne

George Osborne’s most senior adviser has received an 18% pay rise in the last year even though he has been one of the chief architects of a multi-year public sector pay freeze.

The salary of Rupert Harrison, Osborne’s long-term special adviser, rose from £80,000 to £95,000 over the last year

Penny Mourdant

November 2014 – Using parliament for a bet –

Lord Fink

Tax avoidance is normal –


I stand by Fink comments says Ed Miliband…and Fink confirms it next day –

Lord Green

Steps down from HSBC role as his financial management is questioned –

Lord Hodgson – Blames Muslims for decline in British pub industry –

Mark Simmonds

August 2014 – Just a week after Baroness Warsi, but a cloud of BS (cow faeces) surrounds this one. Did he go over government’s position on Gaza, or as he said, was it because he is stepping down from parliament anyway?

Baroness Warsi

August 2014 – The Baroness leaves the government over it’s position on Gaza – hints more foreign office ministers feel the same.

Maria Miller

April 2014 – The Prime Minister has been accused of “weakness and double standards” after giving Mrs Miller his “warm support”.

“It was found she had made mistakes, she accepted that, repaid the money, she apologised unreservedly to the House of Commons so “I think that we should leave it there

Not sacked, but resigned, only paid back £5800 of the £45,000 over claimed. Sacked however was Tory chair Michael Fabricant for saying “about time” she went. So Cameron won’t sack a minster that has robbed the taxpayer, but will sack someone speaking the truth!


Mark Harper MP – 

Harper resigned as immigration minister on 8 February 2014, after he discovered that his self-employed cleaner did not have permission to work in the UK

Liam Fox MP

October 2011 – The defence secretary has been under pressure since it emerged that Mr Werritty, a lobbyist, had met him on 18 foreign trips despite having no official role.

Mr Werritty, a former flatmate of Mr Fox and the best man at his wedding, handed out business cards suggesting he was his adviser and was present at meetings Mr Fox had with military figures, diplomats and defence contractors. Source BBC – See below

Fox is a registered shareholder of the medical educational firm Arrest Ltd. His estimated wealth is £1m. 

Source: Wikipedia

Andrew Mitchell MP

‘Plebgate’ (whilst in government) –

Tax Avoidance (out of government) –

Mark RecklessDefected to UKIP

Douglas CarswellDefected to UKIP

Brooks Newmark – Sends picture of his manhood to undercover report posing as a filly! –

Coulson jailed for 18 months. Cameron took him on, against advice from many sources –



Lord Freud – Commented that paying disabled people less than the minimum wage could be an option –

Guto Bebb MP – Tells a man with Aspergers Syndrome, not to start a sob story


George Osborne MP – Parks in a disabled bay


Andrew Rosindell MP – Parks in a disabled bay



589 Light Tanks costing £3.5bn

42,000 defence jobs gone-

Selling arms to Israel

No aircraft carriers until at least 2018, and then only one (above)

tax statement


‘The Economic Incompetence of George Osborne’ –


Council Settlements 2015/16 – Councils in England will see their overall spending power fall by an average of 1.8%, the government says. However, some local authorities will see it drop by up to 6.4%. Some councils (BUT only ONE Labour one) will see a rise of between 0.1 and 3.2%. These include Tewkesbury on 3.2%, Surrey on 3.15 and West Berkshire on 1.7%. Rises in these traditional Conservative areas?……

One minute it’s a third, the next halved – Is David Cameron telling porkies on the deficit?, his spokeman explains…sort of….. Dec 14

Borrowing Increases –

Debt up since 2010 – from £997bn to £1.45tn, and estimated to be £1.5tn by end of 2015.

Chancellor George Osborne sends out woefully misleading and incomplete tax summaries (above) at a cost of £5m –

Tax avoiding companies….

HMRC estimates it lost £35 billion in potential tax revenues in 2011-12, slightly more than it estimated went uncollected in its first year in office (£34 billion in 2010-11).


VAT rise – last 3 permanent rises have been by the Tories: 79, 91 and 2011.

Millionaires tax cut,and although a tax threshold rise for those on £10,500, there was one for the well off on £42,500. They will only start paying 40% tax on earnings over £50,000



Aside from Maria Miller…..

William Hague claims expenses for protest meeting against NHS cutbacks he voted FOR! –

James Duddridge – – Sept 2014


DWP & POVERTY inc Pensions and Benefits

The Government is to repeal its legally binding child poverty targets, Iain Duncan Smith has announced. 01/07/15


Zero Hours up to 1.8m contracts in Aug 2014, from 1.4m in Jan 2014 and 697,000 on ZH between Oct – Dec 2014 (111,000 up on 2013) – 25th Jan 2015

DWP are quoting two different figures to catch people out when claiming PIP –

Child Poverty up 13% (after Labour had cut it by 50%) says ONS – evidence at Tax

23 jobs go at a factory Cameron visited only 8 months earlier (above) saying “things were improving”…… –

Fiddled employment figures – people moved off JSA through various means, not always to their benefit!

Low paid Apprenticeships


Foodbank usage massive rise since 2010, mainly due to sanctions and benefit decision delays

£1200 Employment tribunal fees

Cuts to legal aid

Government £200 million Back to work Scheme helps just 3% of the people it targeted says National Audit Office

Childcare costs rise 5 times faster than wages, and are up 30% under David Cameron – evidence at –

Foodbank parcels increase threefold to 900,000 in 2013-2014 – data from Trussell Trust

Integrating Tax Credits into Universal Credit Abandoned –

Atos Fiasco and the Work Capability Assessment that led to them leaving their contract early

Delays to decisions on PIP

Universal Credit fiasco……

Attacks on disability benefits inc Independent Living Fund – merged into local authority finances, and not ringfenced

Silly sanctions –

27/08/14  – Disability minister Mark Harper annoyed that business’s are not catering to the accessibility needs of disabled people. From a government that is assessing thousands of people for the change from DLA to PIP, and unfairly removing many from the entitlement.



BSF program substantially reduced – School building and maintenance scheme

Scrapping EMA


Free schools handpicking which kids they want

Shortage of money for free school meals

Failing free schools –

RM 2


£45m loan to Roman Abramovich’s company, part of which goes to a Canadian steel factory.

Royal Mail shares sold at a loss

RBS shares sold at a loss

Eurostar stake sold

No bail out for SSI steel plant in Redcar, though £80m fund for retraining and support for small business – Sept 2015



Failing Grayling and prison overcrowding

Feb 2014Prisoners given £41m in benefits by mistake, only £19m recovered – 

£15m for consultants –



July 2014 – Failed to ‘vet’ candidate – Butler-Sloss – Appointed as Child Sexual Abuse inquiry head, but resigned 6 days later, due to groundswell of public and victim opinion.

UPDATE: 3rd Sept 2014 – As this is written, STILL no inquiry head to replace Butler-Sloss

UPDATE 2: Well there was a replacement, but Fiona Wolff was a bit too closely associated with Leon Brittan, so she’s gone too, 3rd time lucky…..


Legal Aid Changes ruled ILLEGAL –

Waiting list Figures comparison


66 A&E departments closed or downgraded –

3000 operations cancelled in two Dec 2014 weeks –

we’re not going to lose control of waiting times in A&E” David Cameron speech to NHS Staff 14/06/11….and then…. – another broken promise!

Jeremy Hunt goes to A&E instead of a long wait at his GP! – 26/11/14

Mental Health Services – Mental health services in England are “a car crash” and the health secretary is not taking the problems seriously, according to the outgoing president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Prof Sue Bailey told BBC News mental health services were “in crisis”. See – 25/06/14

£5bn wasted yearly on agency staff, empty buildings and out of date drugs

Figures show more than a third of acute NHS trusts are in deficit, compared to just one in ten at the last general election – 26/06/2014

David Cameron gives £7.5m to Sir Ben Ainsley’s bid for the America’s Cup, to construct his ‘base’ –……. meanwhile Newcastle University start the process of raising £5.5m for a Children’s Cancer Research Unit –

Real terms NHS spending down – source: The King’s Fund

Waiting lists – above – longer waiting for tests than in 2010

Serco overcharging NHS trusts –

Government told to invest in ambulance services by paramedics –

Up to 20 treatments are no longer free on the NHS find 3 separate reports – evidence –

Plans to reduce or scrap some hospital parking charges –

But a Labour idea to phase them out in the first place! –



Cuts to Environment Budget including dredging .



On holiday twice in 2014…..

…….returning from holiday twice in 2014 to world crisis……

……..going back on holiday and ‘managing it’ from his Blackberry!


9th Aug 2011 Due to riots –

24th Aug 2011 – Cornwall – (5th holiday that year!) Due to Libya situation –

26th Aug 2013 Due to Syria crisis –

13th Aug 2014 Due to Gaza situation –

20th Aug 2014 – Cornwall – Due to ISIS situation –

Truncated version of an article by Alex Andreou in the Guardian (link below)

In just over three years, since April 2011, Cameron has had 14 significant breaks:

2011 -Granada

2013 – Ibiza

2011 – Tuscany

2012 – Majorca

2013 – Aljezur, Portugal

2013 – Jura

2014 – Lanzarote

2014 Cascais, Portugal

five times in Cornwall!

Public unhappy with PM running country from a mobile –

 PM wastes taxpayer money, flying home one day into a holiday –



A catalogue of officially recognised Tory lies……

…….used to justify their unjustifiable policies, which have have resulted in official reprimands: – by Kitty S Jones

Atos – Couldn’t cope with WCA, but then were chosen to handle the new Childcare Program

G4S – Barred from government contracts after overcharging, but then allowed to bid again in April 2014

Bingo and Beer – Doing what ‘they’ enjoy?

FAILING ON GEOGRAPHY – Middlesbrough seems to have moved 40 miles north according to Dave!……

FAILING ON TRUST – In 2010 Cameron announced The Big Society Project, now it’s under investigation for misuse of funds

FAILING on not being one of us! – Cameron’s inherited family wealth based in foreign tax havens –


Don’t worry if you’re vulnerable, elderly or poor, Dave is going to “take you with him”. No one left behind….This comment on The Andrew Marr show, was purely to get a few extra votes to get power. As you can see, 5 yrs on, he didn’t give a damn!

Cameron pointing at things and always going on about bloody business! There are people literally starving, people without homes, people who can’t get a job despite writing hundreds of letters. Stop saying Long Term Economic Bloody Plan, and stop telling every Tory MP to utter it too. It’s so bloody obvious now, it’s a joke. Planted line.

And finally, just get lost (I’m not going to swear, but think of the most suitable swear word and insert that) and let a Labour Government rule fairly for all. It’s not going to be easy, but god Cameron, give us a bloody break!



PROMISES, PROMISES – 2005 – 2010

HARD WORKING? WELL WORK HARDER! – – My blog post on the supporting Hard Working Families quotes and how the Tories will punish the very same people. 23/06/2015

SINCE THE ELECTION EH? – – My blog post comparing a Calamity Cameron’s email on what he’s done since the election, and the reality! 22/06/2015


From @LabourEoin:


4 thoughts on “The Cameron Files – Misery and Mistakes

  1. …No rise in … national insurance contributions or income tax…

    Benefit is taxed when the amount is far below the basic tax allowance for income tax.

    If the benefit is not taxed, your tiny works pension or other little income far below the basic tax allowance is taxed to oblivion.

    Tories intend to tax at source disability benefits and attendance allowance for over 65s, who lost £3000 of higher age related basic tax allowance before income tax is imposed from 2013.

    National Insurance contributions will ALL rise to 12 per cent standard rate from 6 April 2016, as SERPs is abolished then.

    See more at the end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    But the state pension will not have the SERPs top up from then onwards.

    What is SERPs and why it is being used to end the state pension from 2016,
    is on my End of Pensions page

    SERPs is being used to wipe out National Insurance record for state pension calculation.

    This will equally hit the squeezed middle class as the poor on low wages / low income self employed and unemployed.

    Many women now in late 50s, early 60s were housewives most of their lives, and they lose all eligibility for a 60 per cent state pension from their husband’s NI history, as does his widow or divorcee.

    Someone turning 80 next year will no longer get the Category D top up pension to a tiny old state pension.

    The lowest waged may never have been in the welfare state or state pension system, as they fall below the Lower Earnings Level to get automatic National Insurance credits and NI contributions are not deducted from their wages nor does their employer pay NI on their employment.

    Between SERPs top up loss that reduces NI record by each year contracted out, and the LEL as above, as well as the people losing all rights to a state pension, huge numbers of men and women will lose ALL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.

    So Work til you die or if you can’t left in penniless starvation.

    Please share my petition, so that more people are made aware of what the Tories intend for future pensioners from next year. We need to sign each other’s petitions at whatever age, even if it does not effect us personally, so that people are made aware of what could happen or will happen in the future.

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