The EU Referendum …….


I personally believe that leaving the EU, following a referendum to do so, would be a bad idea. The EU has done many good things for the UK including strengthened trade, security and foreign policy. Being part of a bigger group gives us more say with the US, and more support for developing states.

I think offering the British people the option of leaving is quite dangerous. A risk for David Cameron, but also a good distraction for him from the real issues this country needs to address, such as investment in the NHS, the dire housing situation in affordable homes, and the worrying increase in self employment and zero hours posts.

It could be that David Cameron plans to further degrades worker’s rights, should we leave the EU. The Trades Union Bill, Increase in Employment Tribunal Fees and cuts to Legal Aid, all point to this being possible.

My opinion is No referendum, as opposed to No in a referendum.

British business is worried about an EU exit. The benefits to them of being in the EU through British membership of the EU are numerous, and many have voiced concern at the thought of leaving……

11th June 2015 – Peter Schwarzenbauer who is in charge of the MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad divisions was  asked about the possibility of an UK exit from the European Union. He said it would be bad for both sides, but BMW will continue its operations in United Kingdom even if a “Brexit” will actually happen.

27th Apr 2015 – Leaving the European Union could cost Britain £224bn while other EU nations would suffer only minor economic losses if it withdrew, according to a major new study.

24th Apr 2015 – (Whilst this article doesn’t mention the threat of an EU exit specifically, it is widely believed and reported, that this is an additional reason for HSBC’s possible plan) HSBC has launched a review of the location of its headquarters that could see it leave the UK, Europe’s biggest bank‎ confirmed.

23rd Feb 2015 – Even Tory MP’s are worried about the outcome of a referendum, and that uncertainty is already affecting business decisions

16th Feb 2015 – The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) would be a “disaster”, a European commissioner has said –

23rd Oct 2014 – There is a clear sense of concern and anger from the UK and international business community in respect of the Tory plans for an in/out referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU in 2017 –

28th June 2014 -The leader of Britain’s biggest business group, the CBI, has said that the country’s economic success depends on it remaining a full member of the EU –

27th April 2014 – Quitting the EU would pose “very significant risks” to Britain, the body which represents major UK-based banks and insurance firms has said –


19th Jan 2014 – The UK car industry is emerging as the most vocal critic of a possible end to Britain’s membership of the EU –

21st November 2013 – Britain leaving the European Union would “harm business interests”, a major survey of UK businesses has found. Over half (58%) of UK firms surveyed by the British Chambers of Commerce said that Britain withdrawing fully from the EU would have a “negative business and economic impact”, an increase from 53.6% in the second quarter of 2013 –

12th Sept 2013 – If a referendum on the future membership of the European Union was held tomorrow, a substantial majority of CBI members would support staying in, fearing an exit would affect access to trading markets and business investment, leaving the UK less competitive. That’s according to a snapshot CBI/YouGov survey. –

5th April 2012Labour’s fine economic record –


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