Index of Political blog posts by @parliamentview



A selection of my ‘political’ posts

Please click on any of the titles/links below……

                                                                                                                             What Jeremy ACTUALLY said: Click Here                                                                                               

                                                                                                                        The Conservative Manifesto 2015 Lies – Click Here

                                                                                                                        Labour and the Economy –

The Cameron Files – A large post covering most if not all of his mistakes, and the misery they’ve caused 

The Ukip Reports – A post packed with their awful ideas and racist, sexist, right wing drivel –

101 Failures of Cameron and Clegg – Daily Mirror 26th Jan 2015 –

James Wharton MP (Con – Stockton South) – Grabbing the Glory –

The 66 A&E and Maternity Units closed or under threat – – The Telegraph – 26th Oct 2014

Every Coalition U-Turn 5th July 2010 – 3rd April 2014 – All 47!

                                                                                             Stupid Benefit Sanctions – You wouldn’t believe how decision makers can be so wrong

No messing (The LSE Growth Commission Report – and the Tory lies) 


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