When a Tory plays dirty…….


James Wharton is not a great MP, in my opinion he doesn’t give great value to those he represents. I have a couple of other blogs which highlight this. One of my recent posts analysed some graphics he’d been using on social media. One of the points mentioned was that since he had become MP, crime was down 15%.

Now that particular blog post does examine, why these graphics give the impression, that the points listed are ALL because James became Stockton South MP, and therefore they are all down to his hard work. Well, if you read the blog, you’ll realise they are not, but this post is about something more sinister, and nothing to do with James, but one of his so called friends.

I highlighted the fact that some other crimes are UP in the force area. Rape 35%,  and Business Burglary 62%  Stockton area reported rapes are up 60% year to date, and Domestic burglary up 35%

See the full stats here – http://www.cleveland.police.uk/downloads/Publications-Crime-Statistics/May_2014_Webcrime.pdf

I then received a tweet from a Tory councillor asking what I was inferring?

What I was getting at was the used of ‘good’ statistics masking high levels of particular crimes. 4 crimes that stood out against all the other drops. Those listed above, plus other sexual offences and bike theft.

He for some unknown mad reason thinks I’ve made a connection I most certainly haven’t!

In my FIRST tweet reply in all of this, I mentioned business burglary too, James isn’t responsible for any of that either, or bike theft! My sense is, casting politics aside, James Wharton is probably a decent man. I have absolutely no issues with his reputation. Politically, well…see my first sentence above.

This is a good example of Tory dirty tricks.

Note: “Rape as a political football” he makes no mention of Business Burglary as a political football! A rise in the rape figure is something all politicians should be concerned about, not telling voters that ‘crime’ is down 15%, because it isn’t. Crime OVERALL is, but not all ‘crime’.

Rape is about the worst crime imaginable. It has long term effects, physically, and mentally. It’s a crime you can’t forget. It destroys relationships and families sometimes.

I feel genuinely sorry for James, if this is the sort of people he (maybe) calls a friend……





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