The Rise of Sanctions…..


Does your local #tory MP boast about how great the latest jobs figures are every month. Mine does….bloody tories love to talk about jobs and business. But precious little else. Like a boomarang their conversation has to come back to jobs. Which on one hand is good. Jobs are good… obviously, I’m not saying they’re not. Just I’m bloody sick of the same lines coming out of their stuck up, greed driven, hateful faces.

First Quarter 2013 – Sanctions around 5,000, First Quarter 2014 Sanctions 16,000.

Why? More unemployed? No, according to the Conservatives, it’s always going magically (read fiddled) down. So if there are less unemployed, but more sanctions, then the decisions are being more widely interpreted and used, surely?

1.2m sanctions handed out between October 2012 and March 2014. Of these 52,000 were lone parents, and 3000 of those sanctions were for between 13 weeks and 3 YEARS!

March 2013 ESA sanctions around 1000. March 2014 = 7000. So what has changed in a year?

500,000 people have come off ESA because the controversial Fitness-to-Work tests say they can get employment.

353,540 JSA sanctions sent for review – 172,426 were overturned. This of course suggest that 50% of people should never have had their benefit removed.

IDS and Cameron are truly running a hatefilled, rotten government.

(Figures and some paraphrasing from an article by Emily Duggan in The Independent 13 Aug 2014 – not the bits where I slate this vile government!)


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