Grabbing the Glory…….(James Wharton MP – Con)

The Underspend

Feb 2015 and a local paper reports on how Stockton Borough Council have asked if they can use the underspend from road improvements to the A174, for further works in Ingleby Barwick.

…though James decides to do his old trick….grabbing some glory… inference….and CLEARLY Councillor Cook in a meeting with the Sec of State for Transport did speak…….Underspend James Wharton comment 050215

……though that’s not actually what happened…..

.Underspend for road improvements 050215

and confirmed by the Leader of the Council, Bob Cook…..


Now take a look at the graphics below…….

BuwNnTSIIAAcho1 (1)InglebyYarm and Eaglescliffe claimsBuX-b8JCUAEbLO8Teesside graphic

Calendar (below)

calendar ingleby

UPDATE: Dec 2014:

The Ingleby Barwick graphic has been sent out as a calendar (see pic immediately above) by Mr Wharton a few months after the original graphic was designed and sent out on social media. Plenty of time to put right the error concerning Springs Health Club…but no….it’s still there…oh dear.(Ingleby Barwick never had a Springs Health Club…it was in Thornaby/Teesside Park.)

He’s also added

“crime down 15% in Cleveland” – Firstly why not “Stockton” – Cleveland Police produce separate data for Stockton, Middlesbrough etc. Secondly saying crime gives a false impression, it makes it look like all crime is down 15%.

In the Sept 2014 statistics Business Burglary, Sexual Offences and Murder are all up (year to date and for 12 months) across the Force area, and in Stockton all Sexual Offences including rape are up year to date, as is violence with injury.

But let’s use the Force total to paint a brighter picture eh?

“Unemployment down 32%” – though he’s removed the original source info which was for a 4 year period

“Money freed up for pool and leisure facilities”

On the Pool and Leisure facilities story, there’s no mention of him in any of the following reports (but like he says, it’s only stuff that’s happened SINCE he became MP, not necessarily stuff he’s DONE as an MP…..)

9th Oct 2014 – NO MENTION of James

2nd Oct 2014 – NO MENTION again

8th Oct 2014 – Louise Baldock who is the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Stockton South in 2015 (and Ingleby resident) wrote a piece on the development of this project, and it shows it was very much a Council driven plan, with agreement when put before councillors to proceed.

***End of Update***

The ‘Thornaby’ graphic was tweeted by James Wharton, Conservative MP for Stockton South on 6th August 2014, since then he’s added ‘Yarm & Eaglescliffe’ , ‘Ingleby Barwick’, ‘Stockton’ – which by James own admission takes his constituency to “just before the High Street” and ‘Teesside’

The graphics say “SINCE James became our MP”….if he had actually brought about ALL of these, wouldn’t it say “what he has DONE as our MP”?

In terms of the TEESSIDE graphic, this makes it look like improvements to other MP’s area’s have all had something to do with James.

He claims all of the improvements  happened since he became MP. I’m not disputing that. However, did he have anything substantive to do in making them happen? Let’s look at the published newspaper and other media.

Looking at each area below, where I’ve said NO MENTION, it’s because James doesn’t get any credit as being involved. Whether he was?……



Town Hall Returned…….Other than his early desire to see it back in use, he appears to have played little part in the process NO MENTION – NO MENTION

Railway Station…….

Footbridge – NO MENTION (Due for replacement anyway)

Platforms – NO MENTION (nothing on Google) – Last major works opened in 2003 by Dari Taylor MP (Lab)

Tristar Neasham Site (pic above – residents, No James)…….

2011 – – NO MENTION


Gypsy Sites…….

(Louise Baldock Labour – Parliamentary Candidate for Stockton South was at all the meetings on this) – NO MENTION – NO MENTION – NO MENTION

Springs Health Club……


2013 – MENTIONED! – Maybe wrote a letter judging by this article?

Mandale Mill Primary…… MENTION (Government scheme, many schools involved)

Regular Surgeries at Asda……

Don’t most MP’s have regular surgeries or street surgeries? Yeah, ok, this one is a bit subjective, but MP’s usually have a few different surgeries in the constituency, so is this something to list as a bullet point?

Preston Hall&Museum-1


Preston Park saved (pic above)………! Just as he becomes MP, he writes a letter of objection to a school being built in the grounds.

Investment in local companies like Nifco………


May 2013 – NO MENTION

Yarm Parking Concessions Secured………….!

but look – Louise Baldock has also worked on this –

*Yarm Farmer’s Market & Gala………

James helpfully points out the Gala was reintroduced BEFORE the last election. So it clearly has ZERO to do with him. So why mention it in a graphic about what’s happened since he became MP???

2011 – MENTION

2011 – MENTION

Yarm Medical Centre improved………….. MENTION – NO MENTION

Regular Yarm Surgeries…..

As per my Thornaby comments.



New Secondary SchoolMENTIONED but what part did he play? And notice he calls it a secondary school. It’s actually one of Gove’s Free Schools, this is probably to make it more palatable to voters.

Old Springs Health Club Replaced – So there is a Springs in Ingleby Barwick as well as Teesside Park? – This is from his Thornaby graphic above, clearly wasn’t proof checked before posting it!

2011 – Myton Way dualling

NO MENTION -( NOTE: The funding for this was applied for by Stockton Borough Council directly to Government.) Though two years later he decides to get involved and speak to Stockton Council……


2013- A174/Thornaby Road – MENTIONED (NOTE: Again,  funding for this was applied for by Stockton Borough Council directly to Government.)


Unemployment down 32%NOTE the ASTERIX, then the TINY explanation at the bottom, which says that this is measured against the JSA claimant count – in other words, people might come off the count for other reasons than going into employment, and also that it doesn’t state what kind of employment they took. Did they have no other option but to take a Zero Hours contract for example. Does this include sanctioned people, does it include workfare clients?



Well there’s a problem in itself. The graphic alone gives the impression James is the MP for Stockton, he’s not, just Stockton South, but that’s not the biggest issue…..

Millions for Ian Ramsey School – MENTIONED – Apparently he did something to secure the rebuild money, BUT…this school was already earmarked for rebuilding under the last Labour governments BSF programme, until….the Tories scrapped it!

MAY 2013 –

Millions for Grangefield School – NO MENTION

MAR 2014 –

SEP 2013 –

Flood Defences – NO MENTION

Government Website –

UPDATE: Oct 15th 2014 – Still NO MENTION – Clearly an Environment Agency and Stockton Council project.

Gypsy Sites Stopped – As per Thornaby entry, and a reminder that parliamentary candidate for Labour Louise Baldock, played a very visible role….unlike some!

Portas Pilot- MENTIONED – Well it mentions he’s delighted – but nothing more BEAR IN MIND what I said at the start of this article. By his own admission, his constituency doesn’t take in the High Street! –

This one mentions he called on the council to make the bid for the money, but isn’t named as putting the bid together –

Hartburn Bus Service withdrawal – MENTIONED – Apparently he raised the issue with the secretary of State. No further mention of him speaking to Arriva, who eventually restored the service.



City Deal

NO MENTION – Dec 2013

NO MENTION – – Dec 2013 


Local Enterprise Partnership

NO MENTION – – 2010

NO MENTION – –  2014

NO MENTION (but in the picture) – – 2014

In terms of the LEP, James has not been mentioned as far as I can see, and a bit like his current non-appearance on HoC committees and no ministerial post, he does seem to be off the radar.

Millions for Roads Investment

Very vague! See the Ingleby Barwick section above, but is he also taking credit for wider Teesside or Stockton road schemes? No, surely not?….

Over £200 from Regional Growth Fund

MENTIONED – But only to congratulate the LEP on winning the bid, again it’s just a soundbite – 2012

NO MENTION – – 2014

NO MENTION – – 2014

Local Growth Fund

MENTIONED – Another comment, no evidence that he is part of any committee, or decision making process – – 2014

Crime Down 15%

Easy to say crime down, and I’m not disputing that general figure, but did he tell you that Sexual Offences, Murder and Business Burglary were UP? Rape by 35%, Murder by 233% (10 compared to 3 in the previous year) and Business Burglary by 67% – May 2014 

Cleveland Police’s own statistics on their website say year on year, recorded crime is down 1.3%, so not sure how James gets to 15% – – May 2014

and NOT grabbing the glory…..

James stays quiet on the problem of Job Blackspots. Clearly bad news is not something he wants to talk about…..



Maybe James Wharton has been more involved in the above improvements (slightly more so in Ingleby Barwick and ‘Stockton’) but is there any proper evidence? I was expecting him to be mentioned even briefly in more of these articles……..

Where he has been mentioned in many, he has maybe spoken to someone, or wrote a letter. He does very little sitting in appeals, public meetings or putting bids together – the evidence just isn’t there!

Decide for yourself what his tweeted graphics are trying to say……….


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