Come back to 2010 with me, and the Conservative Contract……..

A contract between the Conservative Party and you (I’ve highlighted in bold, where the reality has been different…..) Monday, 3 May, 2010 !We go into the general election on 6 May with trust in politics and politicians at an all-time low. And I can understand why: the years of broken promises (Immigration reduced to tens of thousands?, hmm, see below….), the expenses scandal (MILLER anyone?…), … Continue reading Come back to 2010 with me, and the Conservative Contract……..

When a Tory plays dirty…….

Background James Wharton is not a great MP, in my opinion he doesn’t give great value to those he represents. I have a couple of other blogs which highlight this. One of my recent posts analysed some graphics he’d been using on social media. One of the points mentioned was that since he had become MP, crime was down 15%. Now that particular blog post … Continue reading When a Tory plays dirty…….

The Rise of Sanctions…..

Does your local #tory MP boast about how great the latest jobs figures are every month. Mine does….bloody tories love to talk about jobs and business. But precious little else. Like a boomarang their conversation has to come back to jobs. Which on one hand is good. Jobs are good… obviously, I’m not saying they’re not. Just I’m bloody sick of the same lines coming … Continue reading The Rise of Sanctions…..

Grabbing the Glory…….(James Wharton MP – Con)

The Underspend Feb 2015 and a local paper reports on how Stockton Borough Council have asked if they can use the underspend from road improvements to the A174, for further works in Ingleby Barwick. …though James decides to do his old trick….grabbing some glory… inference….and CLEARLY Councillor Cook in a meeting with the Sec of State for Transport did speak……. ……though that’s not actually what … Continue reading Grabbing the Glory…….(James Wharton MP – Con)

Poem: The Trench…..

The Trench I was just not much more than a boy, Though Twenty Five, Knee deep in wet earth, But still alive. Men around me, Barely much older, This war so unfair, And nights getting colder. Mama said goodbye, The parting a wrench, She would never suffer, Sight of blood and the stench Gunpowder in the air, Noise it won’t stop, Bodies everywhere, I see … Continue reading Poem: The Trench…..

The Tory Lie Machine (by Chris Leslie MP)

This week, the Tory Lie Machine has been cranked into action. We knew this would happen – the Tories don’t have a positive vision for the country, so they’re reduced to spreading lies about Labour’s plans. As my colleague Michael Dugher showed in his recent blog, they have plenty of form for telling pork pies, fibs and whoppers about Labour. The problem is that this … Continue reading The Tory Lie Machine (by Chris Leslie MP)