The Ukip Reports….


The Ukip Reports

A collection of reported articles on their mad right wing policies, ideas, beliefs and comments (a work in progress, as they come out with more dangerous and daft thoughts) Please also see the links at the base of my blog post

(NOTE: If you’re looking for any of Janice Atkinson‘s cock-up’s, she has her own special section further down the blog…….)


Nigel Farage has been branded “unbelievably insensitive and crass” after claiming the Leave party had emerged victorious in theEU referendum “without a single bullet being fired” in a preemptive victory speech. 24/06/16



Ukip issue a leaflet filled with lies about what Jeremy has apparently said. Seemingly hoping that their voters will soak it all up. Sadly some will. Click on this link to see what Jeremy ACTUALLY said….

On women returning to work, post pregnancy – New mothers returning to work after having children should expect to be paid less than men in some professions because it is a “fact of life”, Nigel Farage has said. The Ukip leader said during an appearance on Loose Women that mothers in some City jobs will come back to work and “find themselves behind the rest of the pack“, a problem which is “difficult to change”. 5th March 2015

On why he was late for a meeting – Nigel Farage has blamed immigrants clogging up Britain’s roads after he was late for a UKIP rally in Wales. “It took me six hours and 15 minutes in the car to get here. It should have taken three and half to four.That has nothing to do with professionalism. What is does have to do with is a country in which the population is going through the roof, chiefly because of open door immigration and the fact the M4 is not as navigable as it used to be.” – Dec 2014

On Breastfeeding – UKIP leader Nigel Farage insists he has no problem with women breastfeeding “wherever they want” amid a row over comments he made about the issue – Seems to have gone from send them to the naughty corner to having no problem, a very quick U-Turn once his 1850’s attitude had been exposed…again


On Employment Rights (basically very few!)- Restaurant tycoon and Business Spokesperson Amjad Bashir (now back as a Tory)  – 2nd June 2014


Sacking staff should be easier – 7th Dec 2012

On Race LawsUKIP would scrap much of the legislation designed to prevent racial discrimination in work, party leader Nigel Farage has said. 12th March 2015

On Being Gay – Ukip’s Newark By-election candidate MEP Roger Helmer, blasts ‘gay cure’ critics – 2nd June 2014

Andrew Charalambous Housing

On Housing Benefit – Housing spokesman Millionaire Andrew Charalambous (above) making a fortune from immigrants on housing benefit- 22nd May 2014

On Violence to Women and Girls – What does the VoteWatch Europe website reveal about UKIP MEPs attitudes to sexual and physical violence against women and girls? 1st June 2014

On Gun LawHand guns should be legalised and licensed, Nigel Farage has said – 24th Jan 2014


Other comments and things done by their Election Candidates, MEP’s and Donors…….


Ukip candidate Raymond Shamash says send Muslim migrants to Saudi Arabia – 28th April 2015

bill walker aldershot

Ukip candidate Bill Walker in Aldershot labels Gurkhas as parasites 28th April 2015

jeremy zeid

Another one falls by the wayside!

Jeremy Zeid (above right), a Ukip candidate in Britain’s 2015 election, has been replaced after writing on Facebook that Israel should “kidnap” Barack Obama 1st April 2015

Two candidates quit over party’s racism……. 

Tim Wilson has decided not to stand in South Northamptonshire after David Coburn MEP compared Humza Yousaf to convicted terrorist Abu Hamza. 25th March 2015

A UKIP election candidate has resigned from the party over claims of racism and bullying. Jonathan Stanley, a Scottish-based surgeon, was standing in Westmorland and Lonsdale. 20th March 2015

Harriet Yeo

Replacement for Janice Atkinson was expelled from the Labour Party for failure to attend meetings!

(NOTE: If you’re looking for any of Janice Atkinson‘s cock-up’s, she has her own special section further down the blog…….)


MEP Stuart Agnew claims de-carbonising Europe will mean less Carbon Dioxide for plants! –


Ukip LGBT chair Tom Booker quits as he’s had enough of the party’s candidates homophobic views – 26th Jan 2015


UKIP has apologised for a tweet which said the death of a police officer under investigation in relation to the Rotherham abuse scandal was “karma”.


A Ukip councillor launched a 2am drunken tirade at police after attending a fundraiser with Nigel Farage and declared: ‘Do you know who I am?

Robert Ray, 65, was caught drink-driving by the officers in the car park of a four-star Essex hotel where he had been socialising with the party leader.


A UKIP official who mocked murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence as “Saint Stephen” and claimed his mother, campaigner Doreen Lawrence, was “boring us all to tears” has been selected as a candidate.

Pamela Preedy was the secretary of UKIP’s Redcar branch when she was exposed for a series of vile remarks about Lawrence, whose killing led to profound cultural changes in attitudes to racism –


UKIP general election candidate Donald Grewar is being investigated by the party over web messages backing far-right groups. 27th Jan 2015 UPDATE: Announced that he is standing down.

jane collins mep

Jane Collins MEP deserves her own special section!…

………..apologised for retweeting a link to a virulently anti-Semitic blog after her party had initially mounted an extraordinary defence of the politician. – Oct 7th 2014

…………..for libel and slander for comments she made at a UKIP conference, which they believe are defamatory. Jan 12th 2015

forced to apologise for apparently calling the head of a Christian charity a paedophile on Twitter – Nov 1st 2014


David Cameron with his new friend Amjad Bashir (above), who in May 2014 was fined for employing illegal immigrants in his restaurant, and in Jan 2015 is the subject of an internal inquiry by ukip regarding financial and employment matters. Ukip have said that they have handed materials to the police. Dave surrounds himself with some awful people…Coulson, Rock, now Bashir….Hello David, anyone home?….

Amjad Bashir defects to the Tories – 24th Jan 2015

UKIP General Secretary says NHS is the biggest waste of money in the UK, and calls for it to be privatised – 24th Jan 2015

“Bigots deserve representation” – 24th Jan 2015


A UKIP member has produced a leaflet calling for all “benefits claimants” to be banned from driving to free up space on the roads. Lynton Yates said they should catch a bus instead, while cyclists should “go back to the pavements” – Jan 2015

Farage admits UKIP are not a credible party! – Jan 2015

Manifesto cheif quits, 6 weeks before launch – Jan 2015


500 = 92…… Ukip can’t count! – Jan 2015


NHS – The on/off saga of it becoming an insurance based service

Back on again it seems! – Farage says the idea of replacing the NHS with an insurance-based system is “a debate that we’re all going to have to return to” – Jan 2015

Divisions at the top of UKIP have started to emerge after Nigel Farage and his health spokeswoman disagreed over the need for private health insurance to fund the NHS – – Jan 2015

Dropped or not dropped? –  On whether he wanted the party to consider an insurance-based system now, Mr Farage said: “No, we dropped that, well, we haven’t dropped it, we haven’t accepted it.” – Nov 2014

 The original comment – Nigel Farage has been caught on film telling party supporters that the NHS should move away from the state-funded model, and towards a US-style insurance-based system – Nov 2014

Ted Strike Stockton South

ted strike

Ted Strike (top) Ukip’s candidate for Stockton South and his homophobic remark (above) in Dec 2013

matthew smith

A UKIP councillor and former parliamentary candidate submitted county council election nomination forms with forged signatures, a court has heard. Matthew Smith, (above) 27, of High Street, Gorleston, Norfolk, denies six counts of making a false statement in nomination papers.

jason smith 2

A member of UKIP offered to pay for a woman’s holiday if she slept with him. In a string of messages sent openly by Bradford South candidate Jason Smith (above) on his Facebook page to an unnamed woman, he begs to see her in a bikini –

bill-etheridge-xmas-card bill-etheridge-xmas-card-back

Christmas: tis the season of goodwill — and using your position as an MEP to surreptitiously endorse your mate’s (NON gas safe registered “boiler repair” ) business to thousands of constituents.

Bill Etheridge, has gone for the bog-standard political greetings card with a calendar and ‘useful phone numbers’ on the reverse – Dec 2014

paul godier

UKIP councillor Paul Godier (above) has tried to blame immigrants … because he is behind on his own council tax –

trevor shonk

UKIP councillor Trevor Shonk has defended himself against accusations of racism after an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 4 – Dec 2014

kerry smith

Homophobic remarks – Kerry Smith (above, next to 2nd choice candidate Neil ‘failed & discredited ex Tory’ Hamilton) 3rd choice candidate for one of the party’s target seats has apologised for offensive remarks made in a phone call. ….onto choice number 4 then! – 14 Dec 2014 

UPDATE: Nigel Farage has defended a former Ukip parliamentary candidate who stood down after being recorded using derogatory terms about homosexuals and Chinese people. Farage told LBC: “I’m a bit sad, because Kerry Smith is a rough diamond. He’s a council house boy from the East End of London, left school early and talks and speaks in a way that a lot of people from that background do.

Challenged over Smith’s use of the word “Chinky” to describe a Chinese person, Farage asked: “If you and your mates are going out for a Chinese, what would you say you were going for?”

One of Ukip’s star female candidates has left the party after alleging she was sexually harassed by its general secretary – 8 Dec 2014

john kearney ukip 77yrs old

UKIP candidate John Kearney, who fought for a seat in the May 2014 local elections will not be disciplined by the party despite making offensive comments about gay people 22nd May 2014 

david sprason ukip

UKIP: David Sprason (above) – A former Conservative councillor who was sacked after he used his work laptop to watch porn films, has been selected as a prospective Ukip MP 11th Feb 2014

(REMEMBER: If you’re looking for any of Janice Atkinson‘s cock-up’s, she has her own special section further down the blog…….)

A man wearing a Ukip badge

UKIP: Newly elected Redditch councillor Dave Small referred to gay people as perverts and African immigrants as scroungers 25th May 2014

matt ellery argument ukip

UKIP: Well maybe, UKIP officials argue over whether there candidate Matt Ellery is one of theirs or one of them! – 23rd May 2014

ukip smear on Andy Burnham may2014

Drifting away slightly from the usual posts, the letter above is, well…self explanatory! (Apologies for poor quality) 22nd May 2014

Peter-Lello ukip assault bulgarian

UKIP:  Candidate UKIP candidate Peter Lello has been held over an accusation of sexual assault on a homeless Bulgarian man.
22nd May 2014

gordon ferguson ukip

UKIP: Politicians from Britain’s three main political parties should be hanged and their voters tried for treason, a Ukip candidate has said. Gordon Ferguson (above, on another occasion when police were called, though no offence had been committed) told prospective voters in a letter delivered ahead of Thursday’s council elections. (pic:

janice atkinson

The Janice Atkinson Section

Update – Expelled – 24th March 2015 May 2014


 A Ukip candidate caught on camera swearing at protesters has admitted she’s ‘not proud’ of her actions – but says she has no regrets. May 2014 and…. 19th May 2014 


Which Grammar School did she go to? –


 Janice (again!) – The South East MEP  described Fa Munday, a UKIP-supporting mobile food seller in Ramsgate, Kent, as a “ting tong from somewhere”. 18th August 2014


Janice Atkinson (above), the MEP who attacked “feckless” parents on welfare benefits for having more children than they can afford, herself owes more than £2,000 in missed child support payments to care for the upkeep of her teenage son. – 19 Dec 2014


Janice is suspended by the party for serious financial irregularities to be investigated – 19th March 2015

End of the Janice Atkinson Sectionmaybe…….

amjad bashir ukip immigration arrests

UKIPAmjad Bashir, the party’s small business spokesman (now done a U-Turn back to the tory party) accused of hypocrisy over revelations that seven people were arrested for immigration offences during a raid on his Manchester restaurant in 2013. 16th May 2014

kevin-odoherty-tattoos ukip

UKIP: Council candidate Kevin O’ Doherty (above – full image in link) posed naked alongside a middle aged man poised to snort a mystery white powder from the posterior of a young woman — revealing tattoos which appear to be inspired by Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich. 15th May 2014


UKIP: A SENIOR UKIP politician was arrested in connection with an assault at the party’s election launch event in Hampshire.

Tony Hooke, the deputy leader of the party at Hampshire County Council, was arrested after scuffles between members of the party and protesters. 15th May 2014

Heino Vockrodt email re muslims

UKIP candidate Heino Vockrodt (above) in Brent has been drawn into a race row after he lambasted Muslims in a ranting email to planning chiefs. 14th May 2014


UKIP – Tweet by Khalid Khan  (above) “Last 10 years no primetime tv & a few voiceovers? Face it Lenny Henry needed this publicity & enjoyed his 15 minutes back on TV14th May 2014

magnus neilsen take away votes from cert sect of public

UKIP – Magnus Nielsen (above), who is standing for the party in West Hampstead, said the decision to extend the vote to middle class people and women in the nineteenth century was a mistake which should be reversed. See 13th May 2014

victoria ayling ukip send them all back

UKIP Candidate Victoria Ayling was filmed saying she would ‘send the lot back’ when it came to immigrants, in leaked footage that has caused fresh controversy for the right-wing party. – VIDEO HERE (8th Dec 2013) (if this link disappears, just do a Google search)

Nigel Farage on the Sunday Politics 11th May 2014, categorically denied she said this, in the context clearly shown in the video! He seemed to want to talk about Europe…no surprise there then!

Ayling may stand in General Election 2015: 30th January 2014

roger helmer rape responsibility

UKIP Newark By Election candidate Roger Helmer (above) tries to dig himself out of a hole on rape responsibility – 7th April 2014 and 17th May 2014

john withill ukip leeds nazi inspired

UKIP – John Withill (above) is the UKIP candidate standing in the Armley area of Leeds and has created a section on his Facebook page that lists a collection of people that inspire him. Nazi’s! – see 6th May 2014

Harry PerRY ukip Stockport nti islamic and homophobic

Ukip is investigating after the Manchester Evening News. uncovered ‘disgusting’ anti-Islamic and homophobic messages posted online by one of its election candidates.

Harry Perry (above) who is standing for the party in OffertonStockport, has published a torrent of extremist views on his Twitter account in recent months. See 2nd May 2014

Demetri Marchessini ukip women trousers

UKIP Donor Demetri Marchessini says Women shouldn’t wear trousers, a man cannot rape his wife, as once she accepts, she accepts, and gay people can only lust, not be in love – See 30th April 2014

UKIP Ummer Farooq, 29, mocked Remembrance Day poppies as “occultism” and said the US staged the 9/11 attacks. See –  27th April 2014

william henwood UKIP cand lenny henry should go and live in a black country

UKIP candidate William Henwood (above) in Enfield, reckons Lenny Henry “doesn’t have to live with whites” and should go to a “black country” – see 26th April 2014

 UKIP –  The UK Independence Party has suspended a council candidate – Andre Lampitt – featured in its latest election broadcast, for sharing “repellent” opinions on Twitter. See – 25th April 2014

UKIP – suspended Oxfordshire Councillor David Silvester, after he blamed recent flooding on the government’s decision to legalise gay marriage. See – 19th Jan 2014

UKIP Councillor Donna Edmunds said business owners should have the right to turn away people based on their gender, sexuality or race. See – 5th Mar 2014

UKIP-Councillor-Samuel-Fletcher baffled by lesbians

UKIP Councillor Samuel Fletcher (above) baffled by Lesbians and more…. see – 20th March 2014


Ukip member and council election hopeful John Sullivan (above) suggest shooting gay men! Nigel Farage challenged on LBC – 18th May 2014 – yet another Victorian brained, out of touch, bigoted, homophobic, old grey haired man!

Other reading……

The Top 10 Ukip arguments and why they are false –

The Complete History of Ukip Excuses – i100 (Independent) 15/12/2014 ––eyXAMb4Bte

The 12 ways in which Ukip is the gift that just keeps on giving (as above, from the i100) – Sept 2014 ––l19bKyNYA#

The Independent take a look at the party’s new band of MEPs and their controversial views on Islam, homosexuality, women and, of course, Romanians – 27th May 2014 –



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