Think I’ll buy a Tesla…….

OK, so Britain is going through difficult times, but I’m well off and about time I got a new motor. Fancy that new Tesla Model S (Category 1 – £4500 grant if you stump up nearly £50k)  but I made a few quid on those Royal Mail shares, so I can treat myself can’t I?

Now my mate Dave (Mr Cameron to you, my good fellow) has an offer on. At least £2500 off depending on the car! …..more details here….

I guess it’s being paid for with those cuts my cleaner keeps moaning on about……..

 Interestingly, getting the £2500+ off is done automatically in the car buying process. No long fiddly forms like say claiming PIP or Housing Benefit.

Also available:


Nissan Leaf – Category 1 – £4500 grant if you find the other £21,290


and, the Mitsubishi Outlander £34,249 (above)

Imagine asking for £2500 for some disability adaptations for your home….pages and pages of questions?

This scheme was launched in January 2011, so the Coalition government could have cancelled it, or rather part of it at least. The bit that offers the grant. You might take a view that roadside infrastructure (charging points) and funding in the jobs sector are fair enough, and that’s what other elements of the £500m scheme pay for, but £200m is for grants. 

Scheme extended:


The Porsche Panamera S-E Hybrid was on the scheme at first, but is now withdrawn. An £82,000 car that the government would have given you £5000 towards. (When the scheme was extended the amounts available were revised) Nice for the elite eh?


Since Jan 2011 8,696+ cars have been registered. As grant is an automatic part of the process, that equates to over £43 million pounds towards electric cars from the taxpayer.

In 2013, there were 3,584 registrations

Nissan Leaf (the biggest seller) registrations since Mar 2011 – 4,044 x £5000 = £20.2 million 


My thoughts……

I take the view, that if you can afford £25,000 towards your BMW i3, or £59,000 towards your Tesla, you can afford the difference.

The infrastructure part of the scheme will pay long term dividends, leading to greener motoring and there is job creation within the budget, but if Tesla, Porsche, BMW etc cannot sell these cars without a subsidy, what’s going wrong?

In times of savage, far too rapid cuts, and targeting of the disabled and poorest…..WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING PART PAYING FOR TESLA’S AND BMW’S?


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