How Many Days……….

How Many Days,

Until the next election,

How many days,

Until Cameron’s ejection


He’s brought us misery,

Poor at the foodbank,

The hungry, the needy,

Him, they won’t thank


Debate in the house,

Thought we’d hear Duncan Smith,

We got the ex-reporter,

IDS, just popping out for a jiff


Your heating costs more,

No energy freeze from the toff,

Put on a jumper,

The Etonians scoff


Minimum wage,

That’s all you’ll get,

We need the living wage,

A much better bet


Holidays a plenty,

He’s allowed to be merry,

Don’t worry dear nation,

Under control, on his Blackberry


Disabled or sick,

He’s got you too,

Tick the Labour box,

That’s what we need to do


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