The Skills of Life…….

Increasingly we wonder where society is going wrong. Domestic abuse and other criminality seem more in the news these days. Perhaps this is due to more people reporting crime, and the availability of news.

But how to reduce it? I feel there’s two areas that need to be tackled. The current adult generation may not be so easy. Various programmes exist to help offenders, but if you’ve left education,haven’t been in any trouble, but then get into some, it might be too late.

My own very strong feeling is that we need to change the curriculum in schools.


We need to replace Religious Education with Life Skills and Faith Education.

Some of the modules could look like this……

Faith – Overview of all major religions, their main beliefs and modern day customs . More emphasis on respecting others. There is a strong role for places of worship to play a part in a revised curriculum, by supporting these kind of changes. This will hopefully produce more rounded, adjusted young people, better placed to reflect and engage with religion should they choose.

Relationships – How to treat people properly and maintain this throughout life. Including Manners (Shaking Hands, Eye Contact, Telephone Manner etc), Marriage, Death and Childcare.

Sexual Education and Health – Must interlace with relationship training, and why love matters. Obviously needs to be phased in to be age appropriate. Would include drug and alcohol abuse, checking for medical signs (bleeding, lumps etc)

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence, Abuse and Rape Awareness – This would grow out of the Relationship work above, and bring home the realities of how it affects the individual and family, including emotional and financial abuse.

Paperwork and Interviews – Beginning at the start of secondary school, a look at all the different paperwork and systems they will encounter, such as benefits forms, job applications and techniques, paying bills, direct debits and banking, making a will, P45’S, P60’s, sorting a pension, car tax and insurance, life assurance, home insurance etc

When you think that much of the above is only touched on lightly, this change in educational attitude could make a world of difference!

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