FabVab – A poem to celebrate the work of Victoria Brownworth

Background to this post……

Victoria Brownworth is a journalist, writer, activist and editor based in Philadelphia. She’s published more than 20 books as both author and editor, has been anthologized in over 100 books and received numerous literary and journalism awards inc a Pulitzer Prize nomination. A former full-time investigative reporter (currently doing only occasional investigative reporting due to progressive illness) for a series of daily and weekly newspapers, she is a columnist whose work appears nationally in several newspapers and magazines.

She was the first AIDS columnist for SPIN magazine, the first lesbian columnist in a daily newspaper and the first journalist to write about women and AIDS, and paediatric AIDS in the country. She fights for women against racism, homophobia, poverty, and rape. She was book critic for the Baltimore Sun for 16 years until the paper filed for bankruptcy in 2008. (Sources mixed from: victoriabrownworth.com and @vabvox )

A series of random connections brought Victoria to my attention on Twitter, and now find myself delving into her writings there more often (I’m not a book person!) I find Victorias’ work admirable, brave and worthy. Her goals are to help those less fortunate in society, especially woman and children, and those that have suffered abuse or persecution. She speaks from almost deadly experience on the subject of rape. This is one tough woman, but with a heart we could all take a few beats from.

This poem is not a literary work of art by any means. I write poems because I enjoy it, and for the enjoyment it hopefully brings others…….


Know a lady called Victoria,

Thinks of others before herself,

A writer too,

Many books on the shelf.


Polite and Wise,

Awards she has won,

Home in Philly,

In 08, Clinton…

…… the campaign…helped run


A voice for the victim,

The poor and less able,

I’m learning more,

Of what she brings to the table


A heart so good,

She won’t be bitter,

Might reply by email,

But quite often……Twitter.


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